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Controversy involving Instagram user @K4 Mora erupted after a video was posted on IG Story that left netizens angry and furious. The video was reportedly extremely inappropriate for viewing. So far, it has been revealed that the inappropriate video was posted online after a high school student hacked it in an attempt to smear his ex-girlfriend. Yes, it was reported that an IG account was hacked to smear a former friend. The person maligned by the inappropriate video is an Instagram user with the username @K4.Mora. After seeing the obscene clip on K4 Mora’s IG story, netizens started criticizing him and demanding police action. He should stick to this page and should read the article till the end to know more details.

K4Mora Instagram video

When the social media public doubled down on her actions and the inappropriate video on her IG story, one Instagram user shared the information and revealed the name of the high school she attended. In addition, he revealed his phone number and his information about his mother. What’s in the video and why are people judging the girl in large numbers after seeing the video of her? Let’s dive into the details and learn more.

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On Twitter, @awcess tweeted: “Not posting this about still life at all, but please report @/k4.more on Insta. She did sexual things with the baby and she’s going to high school. Her mom’s page is also @/_ksnow on Insta.” Now removed, TikTok user Kimora with the username @rackedupmore shared a video on Saturday explaining that her @k4.more Insta account was trying to impersonate her. Also, the girl who went to high school said she was cheated on by the perpetrator, who is said to be her former friend Shenelly Parks. Scroll down the page.

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Fans react to K4Mora’s Instagram video


However, Shenelly Parks denied all the allegations and did not remove the Insta when prompted. She said, “Okay, let’s get this straight, that K4 More account should be me, okay. Now those things that are posted there are not me. Everyone can see it clearly.” Later, the original video of Kimora was shared on TikYok by a user with the username @kthuggnn. The video has now taken over the internet and sparked a controversy in which users expressed their horror and anger at the video.

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