“We were all in tears!” Touching moment dog returned to owner’s arms after 5 years missing

For many pet owners, their furry babies are important family members and they never imagined that one day they would lose them.

When a pet dies, the owners will cry a lot and wish that their children will enjoy a prosperous life in heaven.

However, in cases of disappearance, pet parents tend to suffer excruciating pain because they don’t know how their children are or if they are still alive.

So if one day owners can see their lost pet again, it will be one of the best days of their lives.

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The touching story of the reunion of a dog and its owner happened recently at the Evanston Animal Rescue. The principal, Tanya Ohanian, was notified of a stray dog ​​near Cook County, Illinois.

She thought the dog was lost, but shelter staff found a microchip in their bodies. However, the data is outdated, so there is little chance of finding the dog’s owner.

Fortunately, local organization Microchip Hunters gave them a hand and eventually discovered specific information about the dog. It turns out that the supposedly lost person has been affectionately given the name Dottie, and has been separated from his beloved family for five years.

Ohanian contacted the dog’s owner as soon as possible to tell them the great news. George Loving, the dog’s father, couldn’t believe his ears when he heard that Dottie was back. He had missed his precious child for so long that he was delighted to see her again.

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“I cried many nights over it,” Loving recalls. Although the Dottie family feared their dog might forget them after a long time, the dog surprised them with his sweet reaction when he saw them.

“There was never any hesitation,” Ohanian said. “It’s so beautiful.”

This reunion melted everyone’s heart. Not only are the families happy, but the shelter staff are happy for them too. Everyone shed tears of happiness congratulating the happy ending to Dottie’s story. “It was emotional for all of us,” Ohanian said. “I think we’ve all shed tears.”

No one knows about Dottie’s adventures for the past five years, and her experiences will probably forever remain a secret. However, no matter what happens, she still overcomes all adversity and returns to the tender arms of her beloved family.

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