West Side Story 2020 Cast & Character Guide

by steven spielberg western story The cast includes many famous actors as well as characters unknown to the audience. Based on the hit Broadway musical of the same name, Spielberg’s modern adaptation was written by acclaimed playwright Tony Kushner.

In 1961, Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins adapted western story For the big screen. Natalie Wood starred in the main cast, and the film eventually won ten Academy Awards. Production cost is 6 million USD, western story Grossing over $44 million at the box office, it has become one of the most iconic musical pieces in cinema. Set in Manhattan, the main plot explores the clash between the Puerto Rican Sharks and the American Jets.

new western story Spielberg’s adaptation, which has been delayed from 2020 to December 2021, has a budget of $100 million and doesn’t necessarily have a big name in the family. This is western story The cast that Spielberg and company assembled for a modern update.

Ansel Elgort as Tony

Ansel Elgort plays the Jets gang co-founder, a character inspired by William Shakespeare’s Romeo played by Richard Beymer in the 1961 film. While in love with his Juliet Maria, he works in a boutique drugs and disillusionment with the culture influencing his worldview. Unfortunately, rumors and lies changed Tony’s perception of reality. in the trailer western story, Elgort’s Tony makes a brief appearance, first seeing Maria at a dance. There he was instantly smitten with Maria, whom he saw from across the dance floor, in the same way the pair met in the 1961 movie.

In popular culture, Elgort is best known for his breakout role in the 2014 cancer-themed TV series. our star’s mistakeand a Golden Globe-nominated performance in the film by Edgar Wright child driver. He also played Caleb Prior in the movie Different movie franchise. Most recently, Elgort appeared in the 2019 TV series adaptation goldfinchand lead HBO Max’s tokyo victoria TV show.

Rachel Ziegler as Maria

Trailer Tales of the West (1)

Rachel Zegler won the prestigious Maria role after beating about 30,000 applicants. Ziegler plays a new version of the conflicted Natalie Wood, who was supposed to marry a shark named Chino but instead falls in love with former pilot Tony. Ziegler can be seen interacting with her brother, Bernardo, and his girlfriend Anita during the new movie’s trailer, stating that it’s her first time in New York and wants to see Tony at the prom for a living. there. western story Marking Ziegler’s first film role, she was impressive. Her next role western story Will Shazam! wrath of the gods Play as Snow White in the live-action remake snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Ariana DeBose as Anita

Ariana DeBose and David Alvarez in West Side Story 2020

Ariana DeBose played Rita Moreno’s Anita in the original 1961 film. Rita is outspoken, street-savvy, and protective of her Puerto Rican friends. In 2009, DeBose joined the reality TV series so do you think you can dance. In recent years, she has appeared in the hit Broadway musical hamilton was part of the group and debuted in the movie in 2019 coast. Since then, she has also starred in prom and Apple TV+ Musical Schmidt Garton!

David Alvarez as Bernardo

Bernardo eats in 'West Side Story'

Played by George Chakiris in the 1961 film, Bernardo will be played by actor David Alvarez in the 2021 film. western story. Bernardo is very protective of Maria and doesn’t like the idea of ​​her dealing with Tony or any of the other Jets. Family is also very important to him. western story will be Alvarez’s film debut, but he’s also starring in the series American Rust and some short films.

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Corey Stoll as Police Lieutenant Schrank

Split image showing Simon Oakland and Chris Stoll in West Side Story

Originally played by Simon Oakland in the 1961 film, Corey Stoll’s character Lieutenant Schrank was inspired by Shakespeare’s Prince Escalus. Romeo and JulietDetective Schrank follows the ongoing skirmish between the Jets and the Sharks. I can only see his back western story trailer, but fans should expect him to play a major role in the proceedings.

Since the early 2000s, Stoll has grown from a character actor to a seasoned film and television star. at Woody Allen’s midnight in Pariswho played the American novelist Ernest Hemingway and played Darren Cross aka the Yellow Jacket in the MCU movies ant Man. Most recently, Stoll played Buzz Aldrin in the movie first personand appeared in Sopranos prequel movie many saints of newark. On TV, he is best known as Peter Russo from Netflix dealer.

Rita Moreno as Valentina (new role)

Almost 60 years after the lead role in 1961 western story In the film, Rita Moreno (Rita Moreno) joins the cast of the remake in the original role. Her character will be “Improved and expanded version“The character Doc. Moreno is briefly spotted in the movie trailer, tells Tony”life is more important than love

Born in Puerto Rico, Moreno starred in several Hollywood films in the 50s, for which he won an Oscar. western story Play as the lively and doubtful Anita Mui. She is also a talented television actress, best known for her roles in 80s TV series. five to nine o’clockand as nun Peter Marie Reimondo in the HBO series ounce. Moreno also voiced the character of the same name on the popular 90s show Where’s Carmen Sandiego?which she returned in the 2019 Netflix series carmen santiago. Moreno also starred in one day at a time TV reboots and becomes the center of documentaries Rita Moreno: Just a girl who fought for it.

Jamie Harris as Rory (new role)

British actor Jamie Harris will play a new role western story The character’s name is Rory. He is the son of the famous Irish actor Richard Harris, whose older brother is Jared Harris (fear, chernobyl). Harris made his film debut in the Oscar-nominated 1993 film in the name of fatherand as Sergeant Dombey in the 2019 Amazon series festival line. He previously played the role of Gordon in the ABC series The leader’s minions.

Maddie Ziegler as Velma

Tales of the West Carole D'Andrea Maddie Ziegler

Originally played by Carole D’Andrea in 1961 western story, Maddie Ziegler’s character is one of the main protagonists of the Jets. In the original, Velma was Ice’s girlfriend, but in the update, his name was changed to Diesel western story. She also doesn’t appear in the movie’s trailer, so it’s unclear how important she will be.

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Ziegler is best known for performing choreography in several of Sia’s music videos, most notably “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart”. Ziegler has previously starred in the Lifetime series dancing mothersand debuted in the 2017 drama henri’s book. Ziegler also starred in Sia’s 2019 feature film music.

Kevin Sorak as Diesel

Originally played by Tucker Smith in the 1961 film, Kevin Sorak will play Diesel (Ice in the previous film, although Diesel is the character’s name in the stage musical). He’s basically running things on the Jets’ side and Tony doesn’t have much to do with the gang anymore. Diesel engines are everywhere western story The trailer, the lead, interacts with Tony, saying how much he doesn’t like the changes in the community.jorak stars jessica jones, Boardwalk Empire, Amy Schumer insideAnd blue blood.

Brian Darcy James as Police Sergeant Krupke

West Story William Bramley Brian D'Arcy James

In the 1961 film, Brian Darcy James’ character assisted Lieutenant Schrank and inspired a film called “TheSorry, Officer Krupke.He is mocked by the Jets for pretending to be a tough guy who doesn’t actually follow through on his threats. William Bramley played Sergeant Krupke in the original film.

James is a famous actor of stage plays. Regarding cinema, he appeared in the movie in 2019 black phoenix And kitchen. On television, he starred in the NBC musical series the person i like Most recently Andy Baker on Netflix 13 reasons why.

Kyle Allen as Jet Member (new character)

kyle allen on the road

Kyle Allen in the modern version of western story. He played Hawk Lane on Hulu road with Timo Campbell American Horror Story Season 8. western story marks Allen’s third story role after the 2016 film 1 nightstarring Anna Camp and Justin Chatwin, and Hulu’s Map of little perfections. His next role will be strange space Join Alexandra Shipp, Kevin Bacon and Madeleine Brewer.

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jet plane

Jets take to the streets in West Side Story (2021)

Sean Harrison Jones as Action: First played by Tony Mordent.Spielberg’s western story Marks the actor’s first film role.

Ezra Menas as Anybodys: Originally played by Susan Oakes.like many others online western story Actor, the film marks Menas’ first credit.

Patrick Higgins as Baby John: Originally played by Eliot Feld. This is also Higgins’ first acting role.

Paloma Garcia-Lee as Graziella: Originally played by Gus Trikonis. Garcia-Lee previously played Adrienne in the television miniseries Foss/Verdon.

Ben Cook as speaker: Originally played by Harvey Evans. Cook has guest starred on many major TV shows such as 30 rocks, Vice presidentAnd Law & Order: SVU.


Bernardo And The Shark In West Side Story 2021

Josh Andres Rivera as Chino: Originally played by Jose de Vega.Rivera makes feature film debut western story.

Ana Isabelle as Rosalia: Originally played by Suzie Kaye. isabelle plays anita most recently in the movie jail and appeared in several low-budget films in 2017 and 2018, including After everything, Dementia 13And Eye.

Sebastian Serra as Braulio: new role. In addition to appearing in several short films, Sierra also played the role of Jason Martinez in the TV series manhood.

Ricardo Zayas as Chago: new character. Zayas doesn’t have any other trusted roles.

Carlos Sánchez Falú as Pipo: a new character. Like Zayas, Fallou’s first lead role was western story.

Julius Anthony Rubio as Quick: New Role. Previously, Rubio appeared as a background dancer in The Greatest Showman, but in western story.

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