What Happened to Everson Griffen? Know About His Mental Health Battle

What happened to Everson Griffen? From his suspected DWI arrest to his mental health challenges, dive into his journey as a four-time Pro Bowler and his return to the NFL after leaving the Vikings.

Who is Everson Griffen?

Everson Griffen is a true warrior of American football, born on December 22, 1987, destined for greatness in goal. Hailing from Agua Fria High School, he honed his skills and unleashed his raw talent on the college football stage at USC, leaving fans and scouts in awe of his potential. In 2010, the Minnesota Vikings saw something special in this defensive dynamo, selecting him in the fourth round of the NFL Draft. Little did they know that they had just secured a caged gladiator who would become a legend in their ranks.

For an impressive decade, Griffen wore the purple and gold with pride, leaving a trail of shattered offensive lines and confused quarterbacks in his wake. Four Pro Bowl appearances were a testament to his dominance, and the stadium erupted in thunderous applause every time he took the field. But as the football game goes on, the journeys take unexpected turns. In 2020, the call of new challenges brought him to the Dallas Cowboys. Although in a different uniform, Griffen’s fire on the court remained undiminished and his tenacity unmatched.

The trade to the Detroit Lions tested his resolve, but true warriors adapt and persevere. The Viking heart still beat within him, and fate brought him back to his rightful home in August 2021. The Minnesota Vikings embraced their prodigal son, welcoming him with open arms. Beyond his prowess on the field, Griffen’s journey has been one of courage and perseverance. He bravely faced his personal struggles, revealing his diagnosis of bipolar disorder, proving that strength is not only in the physical but also in the fortitude of the mind and spirit.

Now a free agent, the future is uncertain, but one thing remains undeniable: Everson’s Griffen-like passion for the game and unwavering commitment to excellence are the hallmarks of a true gridiron hero. A warrior with a heart of gold and the soul of a lion, his legacy will forever echo through the annals of football history. The cheers of the fans, the respect of the opponents and the love of the team make Everson Griffen an unyielding force in the sport he loves. And as he stands on the threshold of new challenges, one can only imagine the greatness that still awaits this football legend.

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What happened to Everson Griffen?

Everson Griffen, former defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings, was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Chanhassen, Minnesota. The arrest occurred Saturday, according to the Carver County Jail. Griffen was taken into police custody at 12:42 p.m. and released about an hour later. According to available information, it remains uncertain whether he has been formally charged in connection with the suspected DWI incident.

Everson Griffen is a well-known figure in the NFL, having been a four-time Pro Bowler during his ten-year tenure with the Minnesota Vikings. After leaving the Vikings in 2020, he played briefly for the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions. However, he returned to the Vikings for another season in 2021. It is important to note that Everson Griffen has faced challenges related to mental health. Two years ago, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

This revelation came after two significant incidents in Minnesota. In one such episode in 2021, Griffen posted multiple videos on Instagram showing a gun he claimed to have obtained with the help of former teammate Dalvin Cook. He also claimed that intruders were trying to enter his house. However, a police investigation found no intruders nearby, and Griffen refused to leave his home for several hours.

After talking to the police and Vikings team psychologists, he eventually agreed to be taken to a mental health facility for evaluation and help. There are no further details on what happened to Everson Griffen following his recent DWI arrest or subsequent developments regarding potential formal charges or legal action.


Everson Griffen’s Battle for Mental Health

In 2021, NFL player Everson Griffen, defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings, bravely spoke out about his mental health issues. After an alarming incident in November of that year, when he barricaded himself in his home and called 911 to report an intruder, he decided to share his journey with the world. On his Instagram account, Griffen expressed his gratitude to his fans and followers for their support during this challenging time.

He revealed that he has been struggling with mental problems for a long time and discovered that he has bipolar disorder. Accepting his diagnosis, he vowed to be an advocate for mental health, vowing to follow the guidance of professionals and his wife in managing his condition. The root of Griffen’s mental health issues can be traced back to a tragic event in 2012 when his mother passed away suddenly while visiting him. The loss of his mother threw him into a dark place, and he admitted that he ran away from his mental problems for years.

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However, in his candid Instagram post, he expressed his newfound acceptance and was no longer ashamed of his condition. Griffen acknowledged the importance of his family, expressing his love for them and the friends he missed during the difficult times. He considered his wife Tiffany Brandt to be a support in his life. The couple has been married since 2014 and shares three children.

This was not the first time that Griffen’s mental problems came to public attention. In 2018, he missed several games with the Vikings due to strange behavior, which included showing up shirtless at a teammate’s home and making comments about people trying to harm him. Despite these challenges, Griffen has shown resilience and determination to seek help and support.

The NFL has recognized the importance of mental health and has taken steps to provide resources for players. In 2019, the league mandated that every team should have at least one therapist or psychologist on staff. Furthermore, the NFL has launched a video series to highlight available mental health resources for players and fans. The Pro Football Hall of Fame also offers a behavioral health program for players and their families.

Everson Griffen’s decision to share his mental health journey has shed light on the importance of mental health awareness in professional sports. His bravery in coming forward not only helps break down the stigma surrounding mental illness, but also encourages others to seek help and support. In doing so, he became an advocate for mental health, showing that strength lies not only in physical strength, but also in accepting and facing mental health challenges with openness and vulnerability.

The Everson Griffen Family

Everson Griffen’s family is a testament to love, growth and the power of positive influence. On July 5, 2014, Everson married Tiffany Brandt, his wife of 2012. Their love story has been a source of transformation and inspiration for Everson, who openly credits Tiffany with changing him for the better. In an interview with Bleacher Report in 2017, Everson expressed his pride in his family, noting that they are the most important to him. Becoming a husband and father is a transformative experience for him and he values ​​his role in their lives.

The couple’s love blossomed over the years, resulting in the birth of three beautiful children: Greyson, Ellis and Sebastian. These little ones have become the light of their parents’ lives, and Everson’s Nov. 23 Instagram post speaks volumes about his adoration for his family. Paying tribute to their son Sebastian on his fourth birthday, Everson took the opportunity to express his deep gratitude to his wife Tiffany. He praised her as the driving force behind the development of their boys into handsome young men, a testament to the love and care she infuses into their lives.

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While Tiffany prefers to maintain a level of privacy, she is a valued presence in Everson’s life, often appearing on his Instagram, where he openly shares his love and admiration for her. Although her own Instagram profile remains private, her bio speaks volumes about her role in the family. Describing herself as “Mrs. Griffen” and “mom to my three princes,” it’s clear that her role as a devoted wife and loving mother brings her immense joy and fulfillment.

Everson and Tiffany’s journey began at Blondie’s, a now-closed bar in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, where their paths crossed and ignited the flames of their love story. Since then, their lives have been intertwined in a beautiful tapestry of love, grace and gratitude. The Griffen family is a shining example of the transformative power of love, the strength that comes from a tight-knit family unit, and the blessings that are revealed when two souls find each other and embark on a journey of love and commitment. As they continue to grow together, the legacy of their love will undoubtedly inspire and touch the hearts of many.


Everson Griffen Net Worth

Everson Griffen’s primary source of income was his professional football career in the National Football League (NFL). During his time in the NFL, he earned significant income as a defensive lineman playing for teams like the Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys, and Detroit Lions. NFL players receive salaries and bonuses according to their contracts, which can vary based on their experience, performance and market value.

Additionally, professional athletes like Everson Griffen often make money from various endorsement deals and sponsorships. These endorsements may include partnerships with sports brands, apparel companies, and other businesses that want to be associated with the popularity and image of the athlete.

Everson Griffen Net Worth


Everson Griffen

Netto value

5 million dollars



Source of income

Throughout his career

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