What Happened to Floor Is Lava Producer Tim Sullivan?

Stage the floor is lava In episode 1, the tribute to Tim Sullivan left Netflix fans wondering who Tim is and what happened to him.

Viewers can always count on Netflix to watch entertaining episodes: new season queer eyesand regression series Kuwait And Real housewivesAdded in 2020. Launched on the streaming service on June 19, the floor is lava is an action game show hosted by Rutledge Wood. In the new Netflix show, the team tries to work hard in an unexpected passage where the floor is “lava”. The team that successfully defies gravity and wins will receive a $10,000 cash prize and a lava lamp trophy.

Tim Sullivan is one of the show’s executive producers. According to the report Local Montclair, Tim sadly passed away on May 18, 2019 after a battle with bile duct cancer. He is 42 years old and lives in Los Angeles with his wife Claire and son Rory. Originally from Montclair, New Jersey, Tim moved to Los Angeles in 2001. Local MontclairHe developed new shows as an executive at Zodiak, Core Media, Good Bye Productions and Fullscreen before founding his own Gang of Wolves production company with partners Anthony Carbone and Sony. Pictures

and the production of Netflix the floor is lavaTim has produced many other shows such as project runway And top chef. The TV show producer is clearly talented, working for companies like this disney And magic elves throughout his career. The streaming service pays tribute to Tim, who also sponsor me The page was created to help him get more advanced cancer treatments. Tim’s Go Fund Me was founded on April 17, 2019, saying that he “fighting is very hard“After his death, the money raised will be used in the best possible way,” Tim’s page reads.…the funds will now be used to support Claire and Rory as they begin life without Tim

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For some viewers, “The Floor Is Lava” takes them back to their childhood games, while for others it can bring hilarious memes to life. Despite that, the concept was brought to the big screen by Netflix. the floor is lava Season 1 consists of 10 episodes. In the ultimate test of teamwork, the team that overcomes the obstacle without touching the “lava” wins!

Source: Montclair Local, Go Fund Me

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