What Happened To Kadeena Cox? Family & Disability Hoax Revealed

Kadeena Cox is a British parachutist who participates in the T38 Paralympic sprint and the C4 Parachute Cycle. Cox competed at the IPC World Athletics Championships in 2015. Cox also pleased her parents by winning multiple championships. She competed at the UCI Paralympic Cycling World Championships in 2016. Additionally, Cox is a TV presenter and has appeared in several series. She appeared on ITV’s I’m a Celebrity… 2021 I have to get out of here! Kadeena also won the title of BBC Celebrity Chef King 2021.

Meet Kadeena Cox’s parents, Asmond and Jasmin Williams.

Kadeena Cox was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England to Asmond (father) and Jasmin Williams (mother). She will be 32 years old in 2023. Her parents are also immigrants from Jamaica, you know. They immigrated to the UK as children, raising an extended family in Leeds, where they now live. According to reports, the Cox family is a devout Christian. Cox also received strong support from her parents when she was young.

Her mother said Kadeena showed incredible balance as a child, riding a bike without balance since the age of one. Likewise, her father says that she was always active at school and was instinctively attracted to team sports, including hockey.

Meet Kadeena Cox’s Siblings: Her Siblings

Kadeena Cox lives in a large house with many siblings. According to reports, Cox grew up with her 11 siblings, but information about her biological siblings is unclear. Similarly, Cox has five half-siblings from her parents’ previous relationships. According to reports, her father, Asmond, had three children from a previous relationship.

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Similarly, Cox’s mother had two children from a previous relationship. They later married and gave birth to Kadeena. Likewise, the couple had other children, but their identities were not revealed to the media. Furthermore, Cox has a close relationship with her family members and sometimes posts their photos on her Instagram profile, where one can see her active under the moniker @ kad21.

Kadeena Cox’s Disease

Kadeena Cox has multiple sclerosis, a disease that affects the brain and nervous system. She received this diagnosis after suffering a stroke in 2014. In the meantime, she has been honest about her health and said that many people have accused her of fabricating her medical condition. mine.

Kadeena Cox

Likewise, Cox has been candid about her struggles, which she describes as an eating disorder. He also posts photos of his condition on his personal Instagram page. Kadeena is also a disabled athletic sprinter who was selected for the UK Athletics Team to compete at the 2015 IPC Athletics World Championships in Doha. At that tournament, she competed in the T37 sprint in the 100 and 200 metres. Kadeena also participated in several other competitions, making her country proud.

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