What Happened to Modern Baseball? Why Did Modern Baseball Break Up?

In 2019, the band Modern Baseball decided to go on hiatus after releasing their seventh studio album, “The Last Word.” This break allowed each member to focus on personal projects, recharge creatively, and spend quality time with their families.
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Modern Baseball

Modern Baseball, often referred to as MoBo, was an emo band hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The group was comprised of four members: Bren Lukens, Jake Ewald, Sean Huber, and Ian Farmer. They came together in 2012 while studying at Drexel University and released their debut album titled “Sports” that same year under Lame-O Records.

Over time, their subsequent albums “You’re Gonna Miss It All” and “Holy Ghost” were released under the label Run For Cover Records in 2014 and 2016, respectively. Despite their successful journey in the music scene, the band announced an indefinite hiatus in 2017, which meant that they put their collective musical activities on hold without setting a specific return date.

The decision to go on hiatus was a significant one for the members, allowing them to focus on individual pursuits and personal well-being. During their active years, Modern Baseball garnered a dedicated fan base and made a notable impact in the emo genre with their heartfelt and relatable music.

What Happened to Modern Baseball? 

On February 21, 2017, Philly rockers Modern Baseball made an announcement stating that they have decided to cancel their upcoming tour. The reason behind this decision is that the band members are taking a break to prioritize their mental health. In a Facebook post, guitarist and singer Jake Ewald shared that the band had become a significant source of anxiety for him over the past few months.

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The canceled tour included appearances at prominent festivals like Boston Calling, Shaky Knees, and Forecastle. Alongside the announcement, the band posted an image of the cover of their album “Holy Ghost” with phone numbers of several mental health service agencies scrawled on it. This move aims to raise awareness about mental health and provide resources for those in need.

Jake Ewald apologized for the inconvenience caused by the tour cancelation and assured fans that refunds would be available at the point of purchase. During this break, the band members will be focusing on their well-being and taking the necessary steps to address their mental health challenges

Why Did Modern Baseball Break Up? 

On Tuesday, February 21, 2017, the Philly-based rock band Modern Baseball made a significant announcement: they have decided to cancel their forthcoming tour. The reason behind this decision is the band’s collective choice to take a break and prioritize their mental health. In a heartfelt Facebook post, Jake Ewald, the guitarist, and singer of the band, shared that the past few months have brought immense anxiety to him due to the band’s activities.

The canceled tour was set to include appearances at several prominent festivals such as Boston Calling, Shaky Knees, and Forecastle. Alongside their announcement, the band shared an image of their album “Holy Ghost” cover, which had phone numbers of various mental health service agencies written on it. This gesture was a way to raise awareness about mental health and provide accessible resources to those who may need them.

While expressing their apologies for the tour cancelation, Modern Baseball reassured their fans that refunds would be available for tickets at the point of purchase. During this break, the band members will be taking the necessary time to focus on their well-being and address the challenges they are facing with regard to their mental health

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Is Modern Baseball Coming Back? 

It is not clear if Modern Baseball is coming back together, but there are rumors that they could plan a reunion in 2024. But when they announced their hiatus in 2017, a spokesperson for the group clarified that this time out is not a breakup but rather a temporary hiatus, mainly because of the heavy touring schedule they’ve had in the previous year. The news received overwhelming support from fans, with nearly 1,000 encouraging comments posted to date.

One fan praised the band for prioritizing themselves, as many people struggle to say no and end up harming themselves and those around them. The fan expressed love for the band and hoped their situations would improve soon, allowing their music to bring joy once again.

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