What Happened To The Arrowverse’s Justice League

Thanks to Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Arrowverse has its own Justice League team. Live-action debut of the most popular JLA in the DCEU Alliance justice film, but another incarnation of the group exists in the CW’s DC Universe. The main characters of the Arrowverse show, among others, were used to build the Arrowverse JLA lineup.

Arrowverse’s Justice League, founded by Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen in the final chapter of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event, has its own Hall of Justice and boasts a roster of many big names from DC’s library. They don’t have Batman, Green Lantern or Wonder Woman, but Superman, The Flash, Supergirl, and Martian Manhunter are all considered members of the group. Stephen Amell’s Arrow died before the team was officially formed and was declared an honorary hero of the Justice League in their first (and only) team meeting.

Arrowverse’s Justice League was never seen again after Crisis on Infinite Earths

Although the process of forming the team has taken place since the beginning of 2020, Justice League has not had a second appearance. Given the Arrowverse’s annual crossover trend, it certainly seems like there’s room for a return of Justice League, but Crisis on Infinite Earths has finally proved to be its last major collaboration. Arrowverse plans mini-crossover between seasons 2020-2021 Batman And Superman and loisbut the COVID-19 pandemic caused it to be cancelled. Cross-cutting potential is rapidly diminishing as Arrowverse shows are slowly being canceled after the Crisis, causing speed Is the only series that has a chance to deliver superhero teamwork.

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By all signs, they have no plans to appear in the future. While the CW will continue to make shows based on DC superheroes, its Arrowverse looks set to come to an end. speed The ninth and final season has ended. According to speed Showrunner Eric Wallace, Justice League may be back, but only if speed One more season left. Wallace said he was hoping to use the team in season 10, speed live action show darkest night A story that will bring the Court of Justice back and turn Diggle into a Green Lantern.

There is only 1 Justice League character in the Arrowverse

Grant Gustin's Barry Allen looks sad in The Flash

Presumably, six of the seven members of the Justice League still exist in the Arrowverse, although only one is still relevant in 2023, as Barry’s show is still airing for the time being. Of course, Tyler Hoechlin continues to play Superman, but the hero appears in Superman and lois Not the Arrowverse version. Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane left the Arrowverse after that Batman Season 1. As for the others, they kept their respective superhero mantles but were discontinued due to the cancellation of their respective shows, with the exception of Black Lightning, who briefly returned. speed Season 8.unless speed Season 9 has spent some unexpected cameos, with Supergirl, Martian Manhunter or White Canary slated to return.

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