What’s In Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Crates? Ahsoka Episode 6 Secretly Reveals His Plan To Conquer The Galaxy

warn!This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka Episode 6


  • Grand Admiral Thrawn is loading mysterious crates onto his Star Destroyer, marking a dark turn in his return to the known galaxy.
  • Based on the size of the chest, the location of the catacombs, and hints from Thrawn’s remaining forces and the Nightsisters, the contents of the chest are likely to be a horde of corpses.
  • Thrawn’s alliance with the Nightsisters could involve resurrecting their race by sending corpses to the Star Wars main galaxy, potentially creating an undead army for Thrawn.

Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) loading a mysterious cargo on his Star Destroyer Ahsoka Episode 6.While it’s not confirmed exactly what these crates contain, the new contents offer some strong hints Star Wars exhibit. To that end, Thrawn’s return to the known galaxy may be darker than previously thought.

as seen Ahsoka Episode 6 finds the titular Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) and Jedi droid Hu-Yang en route to Peridea, an extragalactic world where the former Empire’s leaders Marshal Thrawn has been in exile for many years. However, his agents like Morgan Elsbeth and her Dark Jedi mercenaries have arrived in this new episode (with Mandalorian Sabine Wren as their prisoner). Now, the nature of Thrawn’s exile and clues pointing to his ultimate plan have begun to be revealed, including the contents of these mysterious crates.

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Crates are being taken out of catacombs…meaning they could be corpses

Thrawn revealed shortly after debuting in live-action movie Ahsoka Episode 6, a large number of crates are being loaded onto Thrawn’s Star Destroyer Chimera. This was apparently part of Thrawn’s pact with the Great Mother, who was aided by the trio of Night Sisters in getting him in touch with the primary being. Star Wars galaxy. Additionally, Elsbeth noted that it took three shifts to move all the cargo onto the ship, while also confirming that the crates were stored in the catacombs beneath the Temple of the Great Mother Dathomyri.

Considering the size and length of each crate, and the fact that they were kept in the catacombs, it’s likely that Thrawn’s new cargo is a swarm of corpses. Although it has not been confirmed, there is some speculation based on the presence of Thrawn’s remaining force, the Night Troopers, and the known history and power of the Night Sisters themselves. To that end, there may be a very dangerous reason why Thrawn is currently loading his starship with corpses.

Why Thrawn (and the Nightsisters) want corpses

Thrawn and the Nightsisters in Ahsoka Episode 6-1

after the incident Ahsoka In Episode Six, it is unclear whether the bodies are the deceased Nightsisters or fallen stormtroopers who once served under Grand Admiral Thrawn. For this reason, the transferred bodies may be a combination of two groups.Since the Great Mothers have allied themselves with Thrawn, it’s possible that he agreed to help them transport their dead to the main island Star Wars Galaxy, allowing them to not only escape their original home aboard his ship, but to resurrect their species once they escape.

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Drawing on dark magic, the Nightsisters’ resurrecting powers were first seen during the Clone Wars, and soon after, due to the massacres of Count Dooku and General Grievous, the Nightsisters were on the verge of extinction and relied on undead warriors to protect those who survived.To this end, the revelation that former Imperial Inquisitor Marrok appears to be a corpse reanimated by Elsbeth reveals his resurrection abilities Ahsoka Thrawn himself also directly references their abilities. So when Thrawn does return to the main storyline, his dark alliance with the Nightsisters will likely turn the remnants of the Empire into a true Imperial resurrection. Star Wars galaxy.

The Nightsisters could provide Thrawn with an army of the undead

Thrawn and the Nightsisters in Ahsoka Episode 6

Chances are Grand Admiral Thrawn will be there soon Ahauka’s future. To this end, depending on the exhaustion of the night troops, he may have resurrected the corpses under his command. Clad in battered armor, with gold replacing lost and damaged pieces, Thrawn and his stormtroopers don’t appear to have experienced a very peaceful exile.Perhaps the Nightsisters have proven their power to Thrawn by resurrecting soldiers Chimera Who fell in battle.

Overall, the power of the Nightsisters and the potential of the undead army make Thrawn’s imminent return all the more worrying.After returning to the main line Star Warsit’s possible that every stormtrooper killed can now be resurrected, as in The Mandalorian third episode.Therefore, the contents of the mysterious crate Ahsoka Episode six will almost certainly be about corpses, a prospect that’s both exciting and incredibly dark, and the last two episodes are unbelievable Ahsoka and further afield Star Wars timeline.

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Ahsoka New episodes are released every Tuesday at 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Disney+.

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