What’s the future of The Lincoln Lawyer beyond season two?

Lawyer Lincoln is one of those shows on Netflix that has fans raving, so when the second season of the legal drama returned to the streaming giant earlier this month, it didn’t take long. to make it into the top 10 popular shows.

For those unfamiliar, the series centers on Mickey Haller, who runs his own law practice from the backseat of his Lincoln and handles cases big and small across the city of Los Angeles. (If the title sounds familiar, that’s because it was adapted from a series of novels by Michael Connelly, not to mention the action movie of the same name starring Matthew McConaughey.)

WATCH: Official Lincoln Attorney Trailer Part 2

But what fans really want to know is what the future holds for the series. Read on for more details…

Will there be a third season of Lincoln Lawyers?

Netflix has yet to officially announce if there is a third season Lincoln lawyerr happens but there is hope! Streaming platforms tend to consider a show’s stats and viewership when determining its future, and with a second season comfortably topping the trending charts, it certainly does.

Most likely the company is waiting for the release of the second part before giving the green light for the third. But Netflix made announcements about future seasons relatively quickly after high success rates in the past – for example, they renewed diplomat And night agent very soon after the premiere of the first season – so hopefully fans won’t have to wait long for news.

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Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller, David Rogers as Russell LawsonManuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller, David Rogers as Russell Lawson

What is the second part of The Lincoln Lawyer about?

second season Lincoln lawyer adapted from the fourth book in the series called Fifth witness. The synopsis for this story reads: “Lisa Trammel has been a customer of Mickey’s for eight months, and so far he’s stopped the bank from taking her home. But now the bank’s CEO was found beaten to death – and Lisa was about to be charged with murder…”

Lana Parilla as Lisa Trammell, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey HallerLana Parilla as Lisa Trammell, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller

When is the second, second season of The Lincoln Lawyer coming out?

There may not be any news about a third season yet, but fans have a good base as the second season of the second season will be released on August 3, 2023. The trailer has hinted at the possibilities. What happens next, with Mickey ending up in the hospital while his friends share their worries about his injuries, telling him he has to find a way to make his job I became more “normal”.

Neve Campbell as Maggie McPherson in episode 206 of The Lincoln LawyerNeve Campbell as Maggie McPherson in episode 206 of The Lincoln Lawyer

Who starred in Lincoln Lawyer?

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo leads the cast as attorney Mickey Haller and has built a sizable fan base since appearing on the Netflix show. The cast also includes: Becki Newton, Jazz Raycole, Neve Campbell and Christopher Gorham.

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What do fans think of Attorney Lincoln?

Fans who fell in love Lincoln lawyer second season, but many were shocked to learn that it ended in a huge scandal, and some didn’t even know that the latest season was split into two parts.

Jazz Raycole as Izzy Letts, Becki Newton as Lorna CraneJazz Raycole as Izzy Letts, Becki Newton as Lorna Crane

One person wrote on Twitter: “Damn, talk about making us want more! What an end to #TheLincolnLawyer season 2 episode 1”, while another added: “No #TheLincolnLawyer made it. we were on the sidelines! I didn’t realize it wasn’t the whole season.”

Another said: “It’s actually pretty silly, at first I thought it was just one of those comedies, but it was pretty intense and fun.”

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