When is the Love Island 2023 finale?

ITV2’s hit reality show Love Island isn’t over yet – but we’re excited to know which couples will be on the show this year. So when will the show end so we can continue to enjoy our summer without worrying about the drama in the Mallorcan mansion?

ITV has yet to officially confirm when to air the final episode of the tenth series, but the series typically runs for about eight weeks each summer.

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This means the final could be broadcast on Monday, July 31, which some media are reporting, but ITV has yet to officially announce this. We will update for you!

The final episode of the series will also be a longer one in which the couples recite their ‘last vows’ at the ceremony before finding out which couple made it to fourth, third, and second place. and first. The proceedings usually start at 9pm before ending around 10:35pm – that should be over in another year (or at least until Winter’s Love Island returns in January) ).

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The girl in the movie night

Meanwhile, a lot of drama has happened in the past five weeks, and last Sunday’s screening proved explosive. Islanders flocked to see some clips of their mansion housemates kissing, chatting and more – revealing some rather unexpected revelations.

Tyrique looked unimpressed as he watched Ella and Ouzy’s conversation unfold at Casa Amor as the pair massaged and cuddled together in bed. In the previous episode, the pair agreed to skip the whole ordeal, with Tyrique admitting that while the witnessing wasn’t pretty, he wanted to forgive and forget.

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Vila recently had a night episodeVila recently had a night episode

However, the mansion broke out when the tape of Scott and Catherine was released. The pair seemed to be on fire before Casa Amor rushed in, but everything changed when Catherine met Elo and brought the newcomer back to the main mansion with her in the Stick or Twist ceremony.

So when footage was shown showing Catherine and Elom making up a lot, Scott’s anger flared up again and the pair started fighting. But the real tension is between Leah and Scott, who clashed when Leah tried to protect Cat. Scott ended up calling Leah a “mansion spokesperson” after she told him, “No girl wants you.” Alas!

Ella and Whitney look so shockedElla and Whitney are unimpressed with Ty’s recent behavior

On the other hand, our hearts broke for Jess as she watched the clip of Sammy kissing two girls on Casa Amor day and telling his ex, Mal, that he had feelings for her after only three days compared to his affection for Jess three days a week. Sammy defended the comment saying he was “just talking”, but that was certainly not the case for Jess, who sat in tears the whole time.

Fans were quick to react to the explosive situation on social media. One person wrote: “If the makers of #LoveIsland never do the tweet challenge again, PLEASE do it this year… too many people should be ashamed because everyone is CRYING me at this moment.”

Scott looked less impressive as the movie night progressedScott was shocked on movie night

Another said: “‘You haven’t spoken in four weeks and now you want to be the spokesperson for the fairy’ still sent to me because I realized how thoughtful that man was. It was like a TV viewer would comment and it’s an appropriate return that someone has to sit at the right time. #loveisland.”

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The third added: “Whoever pairs with Scott gets my vote #loveisland.”

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