Where is Nancy Kerrigan Now? What Happened to Nancy Kerrigan?

Nancy Kerrigan’s enduring career after the 1994 attack and her silver medal win at the Winter Olympics contrasts with Tonya Harding’s permanent ban from competitive figure skating, showcasing Kerrigan’s resilience.
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Who is Nancy Kerrigan?

Nancy Ann Kerrigan is a retired American figure skater, known for her impressive achievements in the sport. She earned bronze medals at the 1991 World Championships and the 1992 Winter Olympics, as well as silver medals at the 1992 World Championships and the 1994 Winter Olympics.

Additionally, she secured the 1993 US National Figure Skating Championship title. In recognition of her remarkable career, Kerrigan was inducted into the United States Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 2004.

However, Nancy Kerrigan’s career faced a significant challenge on January 6, 1994, when she was attacked by an assailant using a police baton, targeting her landing knee. Investigations later revealed that the attack was orchestrated by the ex-husband of her rival, Tonya Harding. Despite the injury, Kerrigan displayed resilience and made a speedy recovery, eventually participating in the 1994 Winter Olympics alongside Harding.

Following the Olympics, Harding faced a permanent ban from competitive figure skating due to her involvement in the attack. Meanwhile, Kerrigan’s determination and skill led her to win the silver medal in a controversial showdown with gold medalist Oksana Baiul.

After her competitive career, Nancy Kerrigan embarked on a career in skating tours and performances, joining well-known troupes like Champions on Ice and Broadway on Ice. Her talent and elegance continued to captivate audiences on ice. In 2017, Kerrigan showcased her versatility as a contestant on the popular TV show Dancing with the Stars, further demonstrating her ability to adapt to different styles of dance and performance.


Full Name

Nancy Ann Kerrigan

Country Represented

United States


October 13, 1969 (age 53)


Stoneham, Massachusetts, U.S.


5 ft 4 in (163 cm)

Former Coach

Evy Scotvold

Mary Scotvold Jr.



Where is Nancy Kerrigan Now?

Currently, there is no information about Nancy Kerrigan. She has been involved in various activities and projects since her figure skating career. Here is some information about what she was doing up until that time:

After the 1994 Olympics, where she famously became a central figure in the Tonya Harding scandal, Nancy Kerrigan continued her figure skating career for a few more years. She won a bronze medal in the 1994 Olympics and went on to win the U.S. National Championships in 1993 and 1995.

Following her competitive skating career, Kerrigan explored other opportunities. She became involved in ice shows and exhibitions, where she continued to showcase her skating skills. She also participated in various reality television shows, including “Skating with Celebrities” in 2006 and “Dancing with the Stars” in 2017. Her appearances on these shows helped maintain her public presence and brought her talents to a broader audience.

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Beyond the entertainment realm, Nancy Kerrigan has been actively involved in charitable work. She has supported various causes, including those related to children’s health and wellness. Her philanthropic efforts demonstrated her commitment to making a positive impact on society. In her personal life, Kerrigan has been married to her husband, Jerry Solomon, since 1995. The couple has three children together.

What Happened to Nancy Kerrigan?

Nancy Kerrigan’s life has been eventful since the infamous attack in 1994. After the attack, Kerrigan went on to win the silver medal in ladies’ singles skating at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, adding to her bronze medal from the 1992 Winter Olympics and various other medals from the World Figure Skating Championships.

Following her Olympic career, Kerrigan became a professional ice skater, participating in shows like Footloose on Ice and Broadway on Ice. She continued to take part in skating events and shows, demonstrating her passion for the sport.

Kerrigan also made several appearances on television, competing on the 24th season of Dancing with the Stars in 2017 and tying for sixth place. She has been a guest on various shows, including Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Bachelor Winter Games, Antiques Roadshow (celebrity edition), and Fresh Off the Boat. Additionally, she had a small role in the movie Blades of Glory.

Outside of her skating and television endeavors, Nancy Kerrigan has been a dedicated advocate for the Fight for Sight organization, which funds research into vision loss. She became a spokesperson for the organization in 2003 due to her personal connection with the cause, as her mother is blind.

In her personal life, Kerrigan is a mother of three children: Matthew, Brian, and Nicole. Her children are involved in various activities, including gymnastics, ballet, and theater.

Overall, Nancy Kerrigan has continued to lead a fulfilling life, staying connected to figure skating, contributing to various causes, making television appearances, and nurturing her family. Her journey showcases resilience and determination, and she remains an inspiration to many for her ability to overcome challenges and embrace new opportunities.

Nancy Kerrigan Attack

The Nancy Kerrigan attack, also known as the “Kerrigan Saga,” was a significant event in the world of figure skating and sports history. On January 6, 1994, Nancy Kerrigan, a prominent figure skater and a leading contender for the upcoming 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, was viciously attacked at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit, Michigan.

The attack was orchestrated by Tonya Harding’s ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, and his associate, Shawn Eckardt, with the intention of eliminating Kerrigan as a competitor. Harding, a talented skater with a challenging background, felt she needed to win the gold medal in Lillehammer to secure lucrative endorsements and financial stability. With the US Nationals being the last chance to disrupt Kerrigan’s chances of making the Olympic team, they plotted the assault.

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A man named Shane Stant was hired by Gillooly and Eckardt to carry out the attack. On the day of the US Nationals, as Kerrigan was leaving the ice after a training session, Stant struck her in the leg with a solid-metal baton, causing her injury and emotional distress. The attack was intended to incapacitate Kerrigan and prevent her from competing in the upcoming Olympics.

Despite the injury, Kerrigan’s determination and willpower were evident as she pushed herself to recover and make it to the 1994 Winter Olympics. The US figure skating authorities kept a spot open for her on the Olympic team, and she ultimately qualified, joining fellow American Tonya Harding.

The media frenzy surrounding the “Kerrigan Saga” reached its peak during the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. Despite the intense scrutiny and pressure, Kerrigan showcased her grace and talent, performing beautifully in the ladies’ singles figure skating event. She won the silver medal, narrowly missing the gold, which went to Ukrainian skater Oksana Baiul.

Following the Olympics, the truth about the attack came to light, and those involved were prosecuted. Tonya Harding, Jeff Gillooly, and their associates faced legal consequences, with Harding being banned from competitive skating.

The Nancy Kerrigan attack became a defining moment in figure skating history, shedding light on the darker side of sports and the intense competition faced by athletes. Despite the adversity she experienced, Nancy Kerrigan’s resilience and determination earned her admiration and respect from fans worldwide.

Her ability to overcome the challenges and perform at the highest level in the face of adversity cemented her legacy as a remarkable figure skater. Beyond her skating achievements, Kerrigan’s commitment to charitable causes, particularly those related to vision impairment, further demonstrated her compassionate and generous spirit.

Nancy Kerrigan Olympics

Nancy Kerrigan’s Olympic journey was filled with both triumph and adversity. In 1992, she competed in the Winter Olympics in Albertville, where she won a bronze medal in the ladies’ singles figure skating event. This achievement solidified her position as one of the top figure skaters in the world.

As the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer approached, Kerrigan was expected to be a strong contender for the gold medal, especially with her main rival, Kristi Yamaguchi, turning professional after the 1992 Olympics. However, her greatest competition in the US came from Tonya Harding, who had finished fourth at the Albertville Olympics.

Leading up to the 1994 Olympics, Kerrigan’s life took a dramatic turn when she was attacked at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit, less than two months before the Winter Games. The assailants were hired by Tonya Harding’s ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, in an attempt to eliminate Kerrigan as a competitor. The attack left Kerrigan injured and emotionally shaken, but she showed remarkable resilience and determination in her recovery.

Despite the ordeal, Kerrigan managed to qualify for the Olympic team, and the US figure skating authorities held a spot open for her. Her presence at the 1994 Winter Olympics added to the media frenzy surrounding the “Kerrigan Saga,” capturing the attention of the world.

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In Lillehammer, Kerrigan skated beautifully in the ladies’ singles event, displaying her trademark elegance and skill. However, she narrowly missed the gold medal and earned a silver, with Ukrainian skater Oksana Baiul claiming the top spot.

Despite the disappointment of not winning gold, Nancy Kerrigan’s performance at the 1994 Olympics showcased her determination and strength, both on and off the ice. Her ability to overcome the adversity of the attack and compete at such a high level garnered admiration from fans and fellow athletes alike.

Throughout her career and beyond, Nancy Kerrigan has continued to make a positive impact on figure skating. She remains a respected figure in the sport, contributing to its legacy through her grace, athleticism, and dedication. Beyond her skating achievements, Kerrigan’s dedication to charitable causes, especially those related to vision impairment, further exemplifies her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

How Old was Nancy Kerrigan?

As of 2023, She is 53 years old. Nancy Kerrigan was born in Stoneham, Massachusetts, as the youngest child and only daughter of her parents, Daniel Kerrigan and Brenda Kerrigan (née Schultz). Her family background includes English, Irish, and German ancestry, although she has mentioned that there is little Irish heritage in her despite her name.

Growing up in a household with two hockey-playing brothers, Michael and Mark, Nancy developed an interest in figure skating at the age of six. However, she didn’t start taking private lessons until she was eight years old. Her talent and dedication quickly became evident as she won her first competition, the Boston Open, at the young age of nine.

Despite her family’s modest financial situation, Nancy’s father, Daniel, made significant sacrifices to support her skating career. He often worked multiple jobs to fund her training and even drove the Zamboni at the local rink in exchange for Nancy’s lessons. These efforts allowed her to pursue her passion and develop her skills in figure skating.

Throughout her early years in the sport, Nancy was coached by Theresa Martin until she turned 16. She then began working with Evy and Mary Scotvold, who remained her coaches for the rest of her competitive career. The Scotvolds played a crucial role in shaping Nancy’s skills and guiding her to success in the world of figure skating.

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