Where to Get Tibia’s Summons in Elden Ring

Tibia’s Summons is a Death Sorcery in Elden’s ring Summons three skeletons that attack a single target but deal damage to multiple nearby enemies. These summons are called “lost in death”, and they will appear as a triangle, and they will swing their swords at the opponent. Requires Intelligence 28 and Faith 20, Tibia’s summon can be summoned with Reaper’s Wand at Elden’s ring.

Keep in mind that Tibia’s call doesn’t work the same way as summoning Ashes of Souls. The three skeletons don’t stick around after attacking and disappear once they achieve their goal. Also, summoned minions can completely miss their target, as Death Lost doesn’t seem to have any “path-finding instincts” like Glintstone bullets. However, this death spell is aesthetically perfect for those playing the role of a necromancer or death knight. Despite that, Tibia’s Call should not be used as the primary pick to attack, but should be used as an opening attack or starting a spell combo against slow-moving or stationary enemies.

To get Tibia Summoning Death Magic in Eldon’s Ring, the talisman of uncleanness must defeat the Sailor Calvary at the Wyndham Ruins on the Altus Plateau. The player can reach this location by advancing along the small slope north of Erdtree-Gazing Hill. Those who have unlocked Grace at Altus Highway Junction can head west across the valley to the ruins. Since Tibia Mariner is an undead enemy, it is recommended that adventurers use weapons that deal Divine damage for the best combat results.

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How to Unlock Tibia’s Call in Elden Ring

To defeat Tibia Mariner in Wyndham Ruins, Tarnished needs a general understanding of boss mechanics Eldon’s Ring Job. Those who have faced Tibia Mariner of Limgrave or Liunia before will know that the Field Boss will summon skeleton soldiers to its side to assemble a surprise attack on the player. However, Tibia Mariner of the Altus Plateau has more powerful summoning abilities and often summons a giant skeleton that can shatter tarnished planes or blow them away with death magic. Also, the arena is quite spacious, meaning this boss battle is best played on torrents.

Since the Tibia Mariner can summon its skeletal militia non-stop, the Stained One should only kill them if their numbers get out of control. During combat, the Mariner will often teleport south, north, and the high ridges west of the Wyndham Ruins. Follow the Field Boss wherever he goes and attack him on horseback. As soon as the giant skeleton appeared, it immediately hid behind, because it had no ability to counterattack from behind. After being defeated, Shinbone Sailors will drop Shinbone’s summon Eldon’s Ring.

Eldon’s Ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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