Where to Watch Reindeer in Here

It’s the perfect time to take a look at where you can watch the kids’ favorite holiday-time TV series Reindeer in Here.

If your little ones are getting into the holiday spirit then you may want to check out Reindeer in Here, which follows the heartwarming story of Blizzard (Blizz) and his plucky gang of friends as they try and save the future of Christmas from catastrophe. Along the way, the gang’s adventures and actions create a festive tradition that is spread across the small town in which they inhabit. Reindeer in Here is a CBS CGI-animated special based on the book and plush set by Adam Reed. Reed created the book and plush set in contrast to the growth in popularity of Elf on The Shelf, the idea being that Blizzard is supposed to spend the month of December getting to know the child to better inform Santa of their Christmas wants. A little less of a stressful endeavor than having to think of different scenarios for the devious little elf to get up to. If you’re after an adventurous and heartwarming show that will get your kids in the holiday spirit then Reindeer in Here is the perfect wintertime watch.

You can cue up the magic and fun of Reindeer in Here now on Paramount+.

Watch Reindeer in Here on Paramount+

What Do Blizzard and the Gang Get Up To?

Set in an indistinct small town, the special begins, and we meet a boy named Theo, who is voiced by Gabriel Batemen (Child’s Play, Lights out). Theo is a rather lonely young kid, who has developed a knack for ventriloquism as his only friend is a puppet named Frankie. Theo’s loneliness is due to the fact that he and his family have moved around an awful lot due to his mom’s career. One night when Theo is looking into the night sky, he ostensibly sees what looks like a shooting star, but this turns out to be Blizzard, voiced by Adam Devine (Pitch Perfect, Workaholics), the plucky little reindeer who has an antler condition that makes his antler asymmetrical due to a syndrome that befell him at birth. Blizz’s condition often makes his flying a little disjointed, and he tends to crash whilst flying through the night sky, this is what eventually leads him to crash into Theo’s town.

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The pair meet and Blizzard explains to Theo that he is on a mission to save the North Pole’s magic and most powerful snow globe which has been stolen by a mysterious figure. Theo is reluctant at first but eventually agrees thus starting the pair’s adventure together. Theo and Blizzard are joined by Candy, voiced by Melissa Villaseñor (Hubie Halloween, Ralph Breaks The Internet), and the gang spend a few days going around town to find the mysterious figure who has stolen the magical snow globe.

Needless to say, there are some surprises along the way as we are introduced to other characters, if you want to find out the outcome and if the gang save Christmas you’re going to have to give it a watch, we’re not going to spoil that for you!

Where to Watch Reindeer in Here


If the above has intrigued you enough to watch Reindeer in Here then you can catch it on Paramount+. The Christmas special is a one-episode special and lasts 43 minutes in total, a perfect length to keep your little ones’ attention this festive season. Now is a great time to get a Paramount+ membership, as up until January 2, the streaming service is offering 50 percent off an annual membership (great timing!). Now that we’ve covered how and where to watch Reindeer in Here, what are you waiting for?

Watch Reindeer in Here on Paramount+

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