Who Is Ben Lapidus From “America’s Got Talent”?

America’s Got Talent (AGT) Season 17 premiered a new episode on NBC on Tuesday, August 9, 2022, at 8:00 PM ET. The first match of the quarterfinals lasted for two hours. The quarterfinals will last five weeks, and each week will feature 11 acts, two of whom will advance to the final round based on American votes.

Ben Lapidus returned to the stage with a rock rendition of the Parmesan Cheese number, which caused an uproar from the judges and the audience. While the judges were again taken aback by the music, the audience had mixed feelings about his performance. Some applauded him, while others criticized the program for sending him through the program and leaving out other excellent candidates.

Fan favorites Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum are back on the judging panel, entertaining the audience with their eccentric personalities. Together with the audience, they selected 54 performers and a wild card participant, comedian Jordon Conley, who will advance to the quarterfinals, of which 10 will compete in the final.

AGT contestant Ben Lapidus wows the audience with his performance

Ben sang his Parmesan Cheese song during the audition round and earned an X buzzer from each of the AGT judges one by one. As a result, his adventure in the reality talent show would come to an end. However, what happened next was one of the best moments in franchise history. The live audience applauded him and started shouting “Parmesan” as soon as the judges expressed their displeasure and the candidate had to leave. This gave Ben a much needed second chance. In addition to Howie, the judges noticed that the audience became very supportive of the contestant and retired their X buzzers.

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The song went viral and the full studio version is now available to stream. Grad School, Call Your Mom and Never Mine to Lose are among his most recent hits. Doylestown, Pennsylvania is where the singer grew up. He told NBC that growing up in Pennsylvania helped him appreciate music even more.

“I grew up completely immersed in the pop-punk, emo, hardcore-punk culture of Pennsylvania.” So from a songwriter’s point of view, that was my bread and butter. So everything I do that looks like a parody comes from a place of immense love and respect for this music, which has influenced my entire existence.”

The AGT contestant is also a podcast sound designer who hosts Who Killed Avril Lavigne? a time-traveling narrative comedy podcast.

Fans had mixed feelings about AGT contestant Ben Lapidus.

Ben’s performance in the quarter-finals drew mixed reactions from viewers at home. While some thought that his performance was much better than that of the other performers on the program, others were not convinced by his premise or performance.

Ben Lapidus

The seventeenth season of America’s Got Talent (AGT) has been a huge success with viewers, living up to its reputation as one of the most watched talent competitions in the country. So far, the episode has featured a diverse range of talent, including magicians, acrobats, dancers, singers and a variety of different performers who have become household names domestically and well known abroad. In the first round of the quarterfinals, saxophonist Avery Dixon, comedian Don McMillan, singer Ava Swiss, acrobatic combination Stefanny and Yeeremy, and animal actress Veranica performed. Tune in to an all-new edition of AGT tomorrow at 8:00 PM ET on NBC to find out which two acts made it to the finals.

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I vote for the Parmesan Guy @benlapidusmusic . Do you know why? Because performing means reaching the audience, and he does that. The crowd adores him even when the judges don’t. He is performing for the USA, not for himself.#AGT

— Catherine King (@Cking613) August 10, 2022

We wouldn’t expect anything less from @benlapidusmusic!! 🎶 #AGT pic.twitter.com/GlEYP2eyqp

— America’s Got Talent (@AGT) August 10, 2022

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