Who Is Enrica Cenzatti? How Did She Met Her Ex-Husband?

Enrica Cenzatti is known as the ex-wife of Andrea Bocelli. She is a tough woman who has successfully coped with divorce.

Quick Info

First and last nameEnrica Cenzatti
birth cityHe wrote
gender identityWomen
sexual orientationStraight
Marital statusdivorce
HusbandAndrea Bocelli
Number of children2
Date of birth1969
Marital statusdivorce

Ex-husband and children of Enrica Cenzatti

She was married to her husband Andrea Bocelli, but their marriage did not last. After ten years of marriage, the couple decided to divorce. In 2002, the couple divorced. Matteo Bocelli and Amos Bocelli are her two children. This is a photo of her ex-husband and their child. Her family is beautiful, but their relationship is not smooth. Their love story is unbelievable, and the couple started dating at a young age.

When their love began, she was 17 years old. She was still in high school during her romantic time. Amos Bocelli, her first child, was born in February 1995, and Matteo Bocelli, her second child, was born in October 1997. Amos is a handsome young man, 24 years old in 2019. He’s a musician with a steady career. In January 2014, Amos joined the board of his father’s business and management company, Almud Edizioni Musicali. He has also donated to his father’s charity, the ABF Andrea Bocelli Foundation.

Enrica Cenzatti (Source: Google)

Matteo Bocelli, her second son, is also a musician. He is 22 years old and extremely attractive. Autumn About You and Ven a Mi are two of his most famous songs. Both of her sons followed in his father’s footsteps and became musicians. Even after the divorce, the couple maintained a strong relationship and they did not strain the relationship because of the children. They lived apart at that time. The children continue to see their father regularly and are now living with their mother. She doesn’t appear to be dating anyone at the moment and appears to be single.

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How did they meet?

It seemed like Enrica and Andrea would be together forever, but it wasn’t. Enrica meets Andre in a piano bar and falls in love with him. Andrea’s charming voice is what drew Enrica to him. Andrea couldn’t see, so Enrica made the first move. It’s all a very beautiful love story with a not-so-romantic ending. On the other hand, Enrica has a great relationship with Andrea and his life partner.

Second wife of ex-husband

Andrea wants to move on after the divorce. He married Veronika Berti, his second wife. The couple first met in 2002 and married on March 21, 2014. He and Veronica have a daughter, Virginia Bocelli, born on March 21, 2012. He now lives in a luxury home in Forte Dei Marma with his second wife, Veronika. Versilia is the home of Enrica and her two children. Andrea’s wife, Veronica, is an actress and her husband’s manager. She is known for her role in Great Performances. She also appeared in the documentary Live from Florence by Andrea Bocelli. Here is a link to the documentation.

Enrica CenzattiEnrica Cenzatti (Source: Google)

Andrea Bocelli talks about her relationship with Enrico and the pain of divorce

Andrea said in an interview that distance and separation had a heavy impact on his life. The challenge of establishing a balance between home and work life is always present. He always tries to be as close as possible to family members and children, he said. He said that he uses the phone, e-mail and any other technology that helps him to be closer to his family members. “My faith is not motivated by a feeling of need or fear. It is the result of thought.”

He joked that family members often mocked him and told him that he had lost his ministry. His father has always been an inspiration. His father advised him to sing as much as possible. However, he urged him to get his degree first. He thinks singing is a hard-won gamble.

Ex-husband, always a hit, and how did he meet another woman?

Her ex-husband has sold more than 70 million albums in his career spanning more than 27 years. In an interview with Alan Titchmarsh, the legend explained and exposed a lot of things. In this time, he was accompanied by his wife and manager Veronica Berti. He was asked if he liked singing in front of a live audience, to which he replied that he always had a stage burden, which was difficult for him. She calls the audience God, and the singers perform for her.

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He loves to be loved by people and is very enthusiastic about his audience. He also apologized to the audience for his bad English, but he did an excellent job. His current wife says they met 11 years ago at a birthday party. It happened in 2002. They met at the invitation of mutual friends. Veronica describes it as fate because neither of them was interested in the party and didn’t want to come.

Amos Bocelli, first son of Enrico Cenzatti

Amos Bocelli is her first son, a very handsome guy. Amos is 24 years old and loves to play the piano. Of course, he inherited this skill from his father, one of the greatest musicians in the world. In April 2013, he was allowed to play the piano with his father, but he did not miss it. They performed live the song “Love Me Tender”. Not only that, he also helped his father release the album Si.

Enrica CenzattiEnrica Cenzatti (Source: google)

This album was released in 2018. He also plays the piano on acoustic versions of songs like Sono Qui, which means “I’m Here” and Ali di Liberta. He studied at the University of Pisa and graduated in aeronautical engineering. He earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering through hard work. He then attended the L. Boccherini Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali. There he graduated in piano. It was a wild ride for him as he first studied aeronautical engineering before majoring in piano.

Matteo Bocelli, second son of Enrico Cenzatti

Her second son is also a talented musician. Matteo recently collaborated with his father Andrea on a song called Fall on Me. This was created for the upcoming movie The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. The father and son team won the show Universal Jump. This has been a great experience for him and the opportunity to play alongside his famous dad is second to none. Matteo also appeared alongside Jennifer Lopez for Guess’s new Fall/Winter 2017 ad campaign, helping to make him even more famous.

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net value

Enrica Cenzatti’s net worth is around $5 million as of June 2023. She has a good income and according to some reports, she receives between $5 million and $10 million after her divorce. Her husband has a huge net worth of $40 million, which proves his wealth. Enrica’s ex-husband has received many awards during his career and is a great icon. Her ex-husband has received numerous awards throughout his career and has been nominated for Grammys and the powerful Latin Grammys.

Body size and height of Enrica Cenzatti

She has dark and wavy hair and is extremely attractive. Her height is considered average, although her exact size is being determined. She also has great body measurements. She is 50 years old, born in 1969. She was born in Italy and has Italian citizenship. Andrea Bocelli, her ex-husband, is a famous Italian singer, born on September 22, 1958 and will turn 60 years old in 2019. His musical style and main vocals include classical symphony, Latin and traditional pop music.

He is the son of Alessandro Bocelli and Edi Bocelli. He has collaborated with famous artists such as Celine Dion, Ed Sheeran, Dulce Pontes, Hayley Westenra and Sarah Brightman. During his career, he has received many awards. For Time to Say Goodbye, he won the ECHO Music Award in the category of best single of the year. In 2014, he received the Billboard Latin Music Lifetime Achievement Award. His trophy cabinet is full. He met Enrico Cenzatti while singing in a piano bar.

Ex-husband is blind (incident made him blind)

Her ex-husband lost his sight due to an unfortunate event. He lost his eyesight during a football match. Unfortunately, he was hit in the eye while playing goalkeeper during the match. He died of a catastrophic brain hemorrhage. After many attempts, the doctors were unable to help him regain his sight.

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