Who is Giulia Dragoni? Giulia Dragoni Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, Wife, Net Worth, Nationality, and More

Who is Giulia Dragoni? Find out all about Giulia Dragona, a talented rising star in the world of women’s football. Explore her wiki, bio, age and details about her parents. Discover insights into her net worth, Italian nationality and more as she continues to shine on the court and represent Italy on the international stage.

Who is Giulia Dragoni?

Giulia Dragoni is a talented Italian professional soccer player, born on November 7, 2006 in Milan. She started her soccer journey at a very young age, joining grassroots clubs and showcasing her skills in mixed junior championships, earning her the nickname “Little Messi” for her impressive performances. In 2020, she officially became part of the Inter Milan youth team.

Giulia’s extraordinary talent and dedication led to her historic moment when she made her professional debut for Inter’s first team during the 2022-23 season, becoming the youngest player to appear in a Serie A match since the league gained permanent professional status. Playing as a midfielder, she continues to impress with her skills and is a rising star in the world of women’s football.


Giulia Dragoni Wiki

Giulia Dragoni, born November 7, 2006 in Milan, Italy, is an Italian professional footballer who currently plays as a midfielder for Barcelona B in the Primera Federación and represents the Italian women’s national team. Her football journey began at the age of four when she joined Franco Scarioni’s primary club.

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Over the years, she progressed through various clubs, including Cimiano and the Pro Sesto Junior Academy, where her exceptional performances in the mixed junior championships earned her the nickname “Little Messi”. In 2020, Giulia joined the youth sector of Inter Milan and quickly rose through the ranks, making a significant contribution to the success of the under-19 team in the national championship.

Her outstanding skills and dedication led to her inclusion in the Inter Milan first team under coach Rita Guarino, and in November 2022 she made history by becoming the youngest player to appear in a Serie A match since the league turned professional. Giulia Dragoni’s rise in the football world is proof of her immense talent and passion for the sport.

Giulia Dragoni Bio




Giulia Dragoni

date of birth

November 7, 2006

Birth place

Milan, Italy






Barcelona B (Primera Federación)

National team

Women’s national team of Italy

Giulia Dragoni era

As of the current date, Giulia Dragoni, a talented Italian soccer player, is 16 years old. Born on November 7, 2006 in Milan, she already made significant steps in her football career at such a young age. Beginning her soccer journey at the age of four, Giulia’s passion for the sport drove her to stand out and showcase her skills at various clubs on the field.

Her exceptional performances at the mixed gender junior championships earned her recognition and the endearing nickname “Little Messi”. Despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Giulia’s determination and talent saw her secure a place in Inter Milan’s youth wing and eventually make her professional debut for the first team aged just 16. Her outstanding achievements at this early stage of her career have marked her as a rising star in the world of women’s football, and there is no doubt that she has a bright future ahead of her.

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Giulia Dragoni Parents

Details about Giulia Dragoni’s parents have not been revealed. As a private person and young athlete, Giulia may choose to keep her family life out of the public eye in order to maintain her privacy and focus on her soccer career. It is not unusual for public figures, especially young athletes, to keep certain aspects of their personal lives secret.

Instead, the focus remains on her extraordinary talent, dedication and achievements in the world of football. As Giulia continues to shine on the court and make strides in her career, the public remains enthralled by her skills and potential, respecting her decision to keep her family matters private.

Giulia Dragoni Net Worth

Giulia Dragoni’s net worth has not been disclosed. The net worth of athletes, especially young and rising talents like Giulia, can fluctuate depending on various factors such as contracts, endorsements, sponsorships and career achievements. Since she is still in the early stages of her professional career, the specific details of her financial income may not be readily available to the public.

As Giulia continues to progress in her soccer journey and gain more recognition in the sports world, her net worth may evolve over time. Despite this, her talent and commitment on the pitch are evident, and she continues to be a promising figure in women’s football, attracting attention and admiration for her skills and achievements rather than her financial status.

Nationality of Giulia Dragoni

Giulia Dragoni has Italian citizenship. Born in Milan, Italy, she is a proud representative of her country on the international stage as a talented soccer player. Giulia’s Italian nationality is a source of pride for her and her compatriots as she continues to shine in the world of women’s football. While competing both for her club, Barcelona B, in the Primera Federación, and for the Italian women’s national team.

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Giulia has the opportunity to show her skills and passion for the sport while representing her nation. Her dedication and success as a young Italian soccer player earned her not only recognition and admiration in her homeland, but also in the wider soccer community. As Giulia Dragoni’s career progresses, she remains a beacon of inspiration and national pride for aspiring athletes in Italy.

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