Who Is John Mitchell? Meet Nikole Mitchell Husband: Wiki And Net Worth

Nikola Mitchell’s husband constantly supported her profession as a model, stripper and reality television personality. The model became famous after she confessed herself in a video that was widely shared on social networks. She announced to the world that she was leaving her religious profession to seek a better job as an exotic model.

Her bold photos have sparked the interest of many Instagram users. Her story touched many people and encouraged them to realize that it is never too late to make your dreams come true. She became famous after posting her modeling photos on the Internet forum OnlyFans. The model likes to discuss her transformation from pastor to stripper and how she found fame and success after following her heart and abandoning her faith.

Who is John Mitchell, Nikola Mitchell’s husband?

Nikola Mitchell’s husband is John Mitchell, a teacher at the same school where she worked. They started dating at school, had lunch together, hung out during recess and exchanged Valentine’s cards through the school office. Since the couple was madly in love with each other, they decided to get married and have three children together. Nikola Mitchell’s husband was a full-time teacher at the time, and she left her career to be a full-time mother. After 7 years of happy married life, she came to terms with the fact that she is bisexual, and Nikola Mitchell’s husband was the first person to whom she revealed this great truth. John is a wonderful husband who was always by her side.

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The 39-year-old model divorced her husband in June 2019 without giving a reason for their separation. Nevertheless, in interviews and videos, the American model calls him a “beautiful soul” and maintains a friendly relationship with him. She moved to Los Angeles, California with her three children to advance her profession. Despite being an exotic dancer, she seems open about her career and her children and now ex-husbands.

Family of Nikola Mitchell

Nikole Mitchell was born in 1984 in the United States of America in a religious and baptized family. She was taught to be quiet and reserved in a family where women were expected to perform household duties rather than rise to leadership positions. She hasn’t revealed much about her siblings or parents online because they don’t like the idea of ​​strangers interfering in their lives.

However, we know that Nikole is from a conventional white American family and that everyone in her family is ardent Christians. After completing her studies, she graduated with honors from a public high school and then went to Elite College, a prestigious institution in Venezuela. She later revealed that she was bisexual and left the church to pursue her dream of being a stripper in Ohio, USA.

Nicholas Mitchell

Learn more about Nikola Mitchell net worth

Nikole Mitchell, who was raised in a devout Baptist environment where she was supposed to be calm, kind and shy, made an incredible $4 million as of 2024 as a stripper. She felt it was time to change careers after leaving her family to become an exotic dancer so she could continue to be who she was while being more sensual, reckless and adventurous. The mother of three has been making nearly $500,000 a month showcasing her assets and monetizing her content online, so it seems to have paid off. She also posted screenshots of her significant OnlyFans earnings to motivate her followers. In addition to modeling, she deals with life counseling and teaching, and now she earns more in a month than in a year at her previous job as a teacher.

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