Who Is Sikiru Alagbada From “Love Is Blind” Season 3?

One of ten Dallas residents who met his girlfriend on Love is Blind, 34-year-old SK Alagbada is currently studying for an MBA at the University of California. He grew up in a “close” polygamous family and graduated from the University of Ibadan with a degree in physics. He has worked as a consultant for companies like CGI, GM and JPMorgan Chase & Co. While joining the group Love Is Blind, SK developed feelings for Pilates teacher Raven. He told her about his polygamous family. He also expressed his interest in equal partner marriage. He explained to Raven,

“Every day I get closer to you. I’m always looking for something really purposeful in a woman, and I must say I haven’t found that in any other woman but you.”

He then proposes to Raven, who accepts, but she is seen hanging out with Bartise in episode 4. Love is Blind fans believe that Raven is not attracted to SK and will eventually leave him. back to the altar.

Love is Blind fans don’t believe Raven is serious about getting married.

Raven is seen building a close bond with Bartise before breaking up with her because she danced while Bartise told her a personal story about his parents’ divorce. Raven’s first encounter with SK is awkward because she says “Hello” to him and hugs him instead of rushing into each other’s arms like other couples do.

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During their honeymoon, she later taught SK Pilates. Love Is Blind fans complain about SK and say that Raven is only interested in her Pilates regimen. They fear that Raven is not ready for the commitment and will break SK’s heart.

SK deserves someone more serious and dedicated than Raven… #LjubavJeSlijepa3 #ljubajeslijepanetflix #Love is blind

– Fat 😘 (@m_passarelli328) October 21, 2022

I’d be shocked if SK and Raven really hit it, but I don’t see that for them. #Love is blind

— Chellz Savage✨ (@Jaded_365) October 21, 2022

What happened in the first four episodes of Love Is Blind Season 4?

Colleen became close to Brennon but after only a few dates, he decided to break up. Brennon became close to Alexa and the two eventually became engaged. Colleen grieves over other women and decides to try again with love. She said she didn’t want anything “too serious.” On the other hand, Cole desired a “deep marriage” and ended up divorcing her. He then became more serious with Zanab, who informed him that she was praying for him. Cole proposed to her and she accepted.

Sikiru Alagbada

Colleen became sad again. She decides to approach Matt, who says he likes aggressive women. He tries to shed light on Colleen’s plight. She was worried but informed Matt that she was ready to move on. Colleen was deeply moved when Matt proposed to her. During her time in the shell, Nancy bonded with two men. In the end, she decides that Bartise is her male equivalent and declines Andrew’s proposal. Netflix will release the next three episodes of Love is Blind on October 26, 2022 at 3 AM ET. Episodes 8-10 will be on Netflix on November 2, 2022, with the epilogue and reunion taking place on November 9, 2022.

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