Who Is Tanner Howe From “The Voice” Season 2022?

On Tuesday, September 27, 2022, NBC’s The Voice Season 22 premiered a brand new episode. Coaches John Legend, Camila Cabello, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have plenty of good candidates for their team after going through blind auditions. This week, they continue to compete against each other to get more experienced vocalists to join them.

Tanner Howe is one of the singers who impress coaches. The Voice candidate took to the stage and sang Shawn Mendez’s cover of Mercy. The 29-year-old candidate wanted to side with Camila, but when she didn’t turn the chair, he chose Team Gwen Stefani over John and Blake, both of whom turned to him. After just a few notes, instructors noticed that he sounded a lot like Shawn Mendez. Camila admitted she did not vote for The Voice contestant because his voice was too similar to the original artist. She continued that he had to stand out. Meanwhile, Gwen, John and Blake are fighting and trying to convince Tanner to join their crew. He eventually decided to join Team Gwen. Keep reading to learn more about Tanner.

Tanner Howe, The Voice 2022 contestant, has a home at Disneyland.

Tanner is described on his official website as follows:

“Tanner Howe is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and performer. He can conquer any audience with his pop sense.”

Tanner recorded various songs before joining The Voice, all of which are available on YouTube. He also just released his own EP, Record Head. His YouTube account also has over a million views. Tanner has played at venues such as The House of Blues, Molly Malone’s, Universal City Walk and the Mint. He currently resides at Disneyland and plays “as a duo and full band in the park and Downtown Disney area,” according to his website.

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Additionally, The Voice contestant has her own podcast that can be viewed on YouTube. It mainly covers all aspects of popular culture, such as music, cinema, current events and other entertainment related news. On his channel, the podcast is described as follows:

“We’re going to dig a little deeper into art and the artists at the heart of popular culture. Tanner Howe, singer/songwriter and musician, hosts and hosts.”

Tanner has an Instagram account with the name @tannerhowe. His Instagram page has 2,412 followers as of this writing. Tanner often posts photos of his daily life and videos of him singing on his Instagram profile.

Howe's Tanner

Tanner was also featured on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show in 2020. It was a virtual interview due to the outbreak. Tanner captioned the screenshot from the interview:

“CLARKSON, KELLY!! Be sure to check out the @kellyclarksonshow at 2pm tomorrow to see me talk about quarantine driving with my best friend Kelly. #quarantine #quarantinedriveupshow #kellyclarkson #tannerhowe #talkshow #music”

One of his songs was also played during the 2021 NBA The Voice Season 22 Finals airing on NBC every Monday and Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. ET. Readers can find more information in their local listings.

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