Who is The Winner of Cook With Comali 4? Cooku With Comali Season 4

“Cooku with Comali” is a popular and favorite TV show on Vijay TV, known for its unique combination of cooking skills and humor and the grand finale of season 4 is scheduled on Sunday 30th July 2023 at 3:00 PM exclusively on Star Vijay and Star Vijay HD. Stay informed about the latest happenings, discover intriguing facts and gain valuable insights through interesting and informative general articles on Fresherslive!

Who is the winner of Cook with Comali 4?

There is no official announcement about the winner of the title in season 4, for more information. Don’t miss the chance to watch the grand finale of Cooku with Comali Season 4 telecasting on Sunday, July 30, 2023 at 3:00 PM exclusively on Star Vijay and Star Vijay HD.

Throughout the season, “Cooku with Comali” entertained its audience with a unique blend of cooking skills and humor, making it one of the most loved shows on Vijay TV. The fourth season featured ten chefs and comalis including Srushti Dange, Sherin, Raj Ayyappa, Kalayan, Vichitra, Andreanne Nouyrigat, Mime Gopi, Vijay Vishal, Kishore and Sivaangi.

“Cooku with Comali” has a dedicated fan base and has been a top TRP performer, especially during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing viewers with laughter and stress relief. The unique concept of the show and the chemistry between the chefs and comalis made it an extraordinary hit.

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Cook with Comali, season 4

The fourth season of the popular Tamil reality cooking TV show, Cooku with Comali premiered on January 28, 2023 on Star Vijay. This season marks a continuation of the series’ success, with the three previous seasons being well received by audiences. Rakshan, known for his charismatic hosting skills, is back as host for the fourth time, bringing his wit and charm to the show.

The judging panel for Cooku with Comali Season 4 consists of two celebrity chefs, Chef Damodharan and Chef Venkatesh Bhat. They will judge the culinary skills, creativity and presentation of the contestants throughout the competition. However, on some occasions chef Venkatesh Bhat could not appear as a judge and in his absence popular actor Suresh graciously stepped in as a guest judge.

A wonderful addition to this season is the return of Manimegalai as co-host. Viewers have appreciated her presence and energy in the past, and her rejoining the show brings an added element of excitement. With the winning combination of Rakshan as the host, Chef Damodharan and Chef Venkatesh Bhat as judges (with an occasional appearance from Suresh) and the lively co-hosting of Manimegalai, Cooku with Comali Season 4 promises to deliver another fun and engaging experience for its viewers.

As the contestants showcase their culinary talents alongside their comalis, the show will offer laughs, drama and delicious dishes, once again winning the hearts of the audience.

Cook with Comali, season 4 finale

The grand finale of Cooku with Comali Season 4 promises to be an extravagant and exciting competition among the finalists, full of fun and joyful moments. Viewers are eagerly awaiting this exciting episode which will be the highlight of the journey of the whole season. Don’t miss the chance to watch the grand finale of Cooku with Comali Season 4, which airs on Sunday, July 30, 2023, at 3:00 PM exclusively on Star Vijay and Star Vijay HD.

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Cooku with Comali Season 4, a Tamil reality cooking TV show, has been a huge hit with the audience and has been entertaining viewers since its launch on June 30 at 3:00 PM. The unique concept of the series, bringing together celebrity chefs and comedians known for their witty performances, has garnered a huge response and respect from fans.

Rakshan, with his charm and wit, was the perfect host, adding a pleasant touch to the show. The cooking skills of the contestants were put to the test, and their dishes were evaluated by an expert judging panel consisting of Chef Damu and Chef Venkatesh Bhat. The grand finale will showcase the best finalists and the competition will reach its peak as they compete for the prestigious title.

The final episode will feature the following finalists: Shristi, Mime Gopi, Shivangi, Kiran, Vichitra, Andrien along with their comalis Pugal, Monisha, Kureshi, Sunitha, GP Muthu and Silmisham Shiva. Each competitor and comali will bring their best performances to the table, creating an exciting and unforgettable experience for the audience.

As the final episode approaches, the winner of Cooku with Comali Season 4 is yet to be announced. There is great anticipation among the viewers and they are eagerly waiting for the moment when the name of the deserving winner will finally be known.

For those who may not be able to watch the live broadcast, the show can also be watched on the OTT platform Disney+Hotstar. The grand finale promises to be an unforgettable and entertaining event, celebrating the talent, friendship and laughter that Cook and Comala have brought to their viewers throughout the season.

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Cook with Comali 4 finalists

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