Why Fans Find 1000-Lb Sisters Season 4 Underwhelming

After nearly a year of waiting, some fans are overwhelmed 1000 lb . sister Season 4, it’s time to talk about why they weren’t happy with the show. As season four unfolds, audiences will see Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton-Holtman enter a new phase in their lives. As it turned out, Amy’s second pregnancy was more complicated than the first. For Tammy, being away from home (and fighting for her health) was harder than expected.

The show seems to have calmed down a bit in season 4 as the sisters try to improve their lives. Tammy, still in rehab in Ohio, is trying to qualify for bariatric surgery, while Amy, who is at home in Kentucky, is dealing with pregnancy health issues. While both storylines are important, neither of them deliver particularly interesting developments from one episode to the next. Some fans 1000 lb . sisterAmy Slayton and Tammy even felt that the producers wrote or manipulated certain scenes and events to spice up the fourth season.

Fans think 1,000 Pound Sisters Season 4 looks fake

In a thread initiated by Courtneyw1988, Reddit user mariat753 wrote, “At least if that’s the scenario, make it an interesting one.” One of the main complaints about 1000 lb . sister Season four is when most viewers of the show online already know many of the main plot points of the season. With a long break between seasons 3 and 4, some fans have started following Tammy and Amy on social media for updates on their lives.

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As Redditor haggynaggytwit explained, “I think part of the reason it was hard for me to get in was because of social media/Reddit, I got to know about the big events going on in the sisters’ lives.” In spite of 1000 lb . sister The filming timeline for season 4 is significantly slower than it is now, and the lack of drama and suspense makes fans less interested in the stories being told. As the content playing on the screen has become common knowledge, there is less incentive to watch.

How 1,000 Pound Sisters Season 4 won back viewers

While fans are still watching what’s going on with Amy, Tammy, and the rest of the Slayton family, it’s clear that things are changing. 1000 lb . sisterThat means it’s time for some modifications to the show, especially as Tammy is married to Caleb Willingham and Amy is settling down with two sons. A change in the show could attract more interest from viewers. For example, more attention to Tammy and Amy’s brother, Chris Combs, could please fans. Additionally, by broadcasting the show closer to actual events and introducing new stories and less familiar family members, the plot seems more authentic. 1000 lb . sister May come back strong in Season 5.

in spite of 1000 lb . sister Fans have complained about the plot and wondered if the show’s scenes were going to be, and many still watch the show weekly to keep track of what’s going on with the Slaton sisters. Tammy’s weight loss journey continues, so expectations for the TLC star are at an all-time high. Seeing Tammy finally undergo potentially lifesaving surgery might be worth the wait.

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