Why Master & Commander Is So Enduringly Beloved Nailed Down By Director

Master and Commander: The Other Side of the World Director Peter Weir explains why his 2003 naval epic has such enduring vitality. The film follows Captain Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe) and the crew of HMS Surprise, who in 1805 are tasked with hunting down and capturing a mighty French ship. Master and CommanderThe trilogy of books adapted from Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey-Maturin series was an instant hit with critics and was nominated for 10 Academy Awards.

Now, twenty years after the movie Master and CommanderWeir revealed in a recent interview that GQ Why does he think this movie continues to exist. According to the director, male audiences especially love the film because it explores universal themes relevant to all times. Check out Weir’s full review below:

“It’s about how men (and boys) behave in those times and circumstances. How they understand concepts like ‘responsibility’ and ‘courage.’ Maybe that has something to do with that. Today. Times change, fashions change, but some things are immortal. This movie touches on those immortals.”

Should Master & Commander get a sequel?

In spite of Master and Commander It was warmly received by critics, but at least for the time being, it underperformed for general audiences. The naval epic only grossed $211 million, which is a bit disappointing considering the film cost $150 million to make. Despite not achieving the same historical epic financial success fighterworld Master and Commander It is supposed to exist in prequel form.

this Master and Commander The prequel was originally confirmed to be in development in 2021, but since then very few updates have appeared. It’s unclear if the film is still in active development, but screenwriter Patrick Ness also wrote chaotic walk, was previously confirmed to be working on a script. Although the prequel appears to be an adaptation of the first book in O’Brien’s series of novels about the young Captain Aubrey, it is still up for debate whether the series should really continue.

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In addition to commercial considerations and the fact that Master and Commander Is it as popular as this IP Lord of the Rings, it also most likely won’t regain the original magic. Since this is a prequel, there likely won’t be a return of Crowe or his companion Paul Bettany. It also probably won’t have Weir at the helm. That being said, it turns out Master and Commander: The Other Side of the World Still a beloved classic, this story’s cosmic expansion is an irresistible proposition.

Source: GQ

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