Why Theo Raeken’s Absence From The Teen Wolf Movie Is Disappointing

Cody Christian will not participate Teen Werewolf: The Movieconsider your role in little Wolf Part 6. According to Raeken above little WolfSeason five, originally an ally of Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), until it was revealed he was outside for more power. After being defeated in season 5, Theo is back little Wolf Season 6, with the reluctant help of Scott’s beta Liam Dunbar (Dylan Sprayberry), slowly begins to revise. little Wolf Ends with a teaser about his redemption, unfortunately viewers don’t know where his character ends up Teen Werewolf: The Moviethe story of s.

Stage little WolfIn the final season, Theo begins to care more, giving Liam advice on how to manage his anger and retreat to fight alongside Liam instead of giving in to his self-protective instincts. Most importantly, little Wolf The finale shows how Theo can ease someone’s pain for the first time. What’s important about this ability is that the shapeshifter in question must care enough about the person they’re trying to help. Theo, despite what some might label him as a social killer, can still bear the pain of those who have tried to kill him before, proving once and for all that he is capable of doing good and not just selfish. Because Dylan Sprayberry is one of the returning actors Teen Werewolf: The MovieSadly, Liam and Theo’s dynamics will not be recreated on screen, nor will Theo’s relationship with Scott’s flock be explored further after such a strongly implied redemption. little Wolf Viewers will probably never know if Scott’s wolves are still suspicious the way they did in the movie, or if they’ve become real friends now. Audiences will never know that Theo’s character is in the movie. little Wolf A significant time jump for the film. Theo’s absence means one of the little WolfThe most emotionally and morally complex characters do not receive the attention they deserve.

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Why Cody Christian doesn’t come back for Teen Wolf

The reason Cody Christian can’t return as Theo Raeken Teen Werewolf: The Movie due to scheduling conflicts. When. . .When little Wolf Revival movie was first announced, Christian posted old photos little Wolf His Instagram caption: “While this full moon doesn’t fit into our schedule, I’m excited to know what’s next for the Teen Wolf universe.“Cody Christian is busy filming all Americans For The CW, he played Asher Adams in it. all Americans Season five is currently airing.

Should Teen Wolf be delayed to include more veteran actors?

Teen Wolf Season 3 Promotional Images

Considering that Cody Christian cannot participate little Wolf Dylan O’Brien, who plays the beloved Stiles Stillinski, said he felt the production was in conflict with the film’s schedule. Teen Werewolf: The Movie In a hurry, it might be worth it little Wolf The group held out a little longer on the revived movie. Ardenjo, who plays Kira Yukimura, is also not returning. Cho’s refusal to return amid an equal pay dispute is an understandable decision, but it raises the question of whether spending more time aligning these timelines would allow Cho and little Wolf The conditions are agreed by group.this little Wolf The movies will have a hard time shedding Styles’ shadow, but characters like Theo and Kira also deserve a revival.

Although Cody Christian cannot return as Theo Raeken, little Wolf The movie still has a lot of other actors that could join the revival. The most notable return is Crystal Reed’s Allison Argent, who plays little Wolf Season 3. Teen Werewolf: The Movie Heralds a demon Scott’s pack has never encountered before, but it’s disappointing that an older character like Theoreken won’t be there to help Scott defeat it.

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