Wolverine’s Daughter Gets a New Codename in Permanent Marvel Change

Wolverine’s daughter, X-23, aka Laura Kinney, is a relatively new addition to Marvel’s ever-changing and ever-evolving X-Men team, and now two versions of Lara are in the works. make their way to Krakoa after confusion over the revival deal. Shore Run, old versions of the character have permanent new codenames.

Initially using the name X-23 when she thought she was a clone of Wolverine and not his real daughter, X-23 was eventually given the name Laura by her dying biological mother and later Wolverine later Graduation becomes a full-fledged member of X—a role she’s always promoted. But now, “Old Lady Laura” needed to distinguish a younger Laura, who had just resurrected after time travel went wrong, and she used a somewhat familiar codename that would stick with her. for a while: Leigh’s claws.

Wolverine’s New Codename ‘Claw’ Won’t Go Anywhere

old and young laura kinney talking to each other

laura’s new name Mutant #19 Written by Gerry Duggan and Stefano Caselli, this continues a story that causes a parasitic alien monster called Brood to attract the attention of Marvel’s Mutant Joy Band, who have no choice but to consider it a serious threat. After Cyclops and his crew were ambushed by Savages and needed to track down Cyclops’ father, the current lineup of X-Men – including Old Lady Laura, her longtime lover in Vault Sync, Forge, Cyclops and more – have had to work together before Brood and their insidious ways have corrupted them as well, thus confirming Laura’s Talon name, which means the title isn’t going away anytime soon.

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Synch tells Cyclops to split along the way to cover more ground and kill more Broods, “Tyrone and I will support you,” Officially being one of the first to publicly address Laura by her new non-X-23 codename and help her solidify it as her own. Besides, young Laura isn’t going anywhere right now, and in this issue’s make-up, Laura’s name is Talon, a new title that seems to be quite a long-term change – and there – Especially especially considering where the name Talon first appeared. comic.

The name Laura was assigned when she first joined the X-Men because they wouldn’t call her by the experimental name X-23, Talon was briefly used as Laura’s official codename before she eventually adopted the nickname Wolverine, and now around a circle, the name hasn’t been used in a while. So while Laura Kinney has had more than one name over the years, Talon suits her not only as an older version of herself, but as a worthy step in the next step. follow on her iconic Wolverine journey.

Mutant #19 Now available from Marvel Comics.

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