Woman sparks debate with her manicure as people can’t decide if it’s blue or white… so what do you see?

WHO doesn’t love the optical illusion that’s taking social media by storm?

In the wake of another viral sensation, the white and gold or blue and black dress from 2015, there is another image being shared all over the internet.


The manicure sparked a heated debateCredit: Instagram/shuga.studioPeople didn't seem to agree on the tone, until someone figured it out.


People didn’t seem to agree with the tone, until someone found out Credit: Instagram/shuga.studio

This time, the beauty fanatic shared a video of a recent manicure on Facebook, showing the woman’s nails painted in the same shade.

She then asked members of the Facebook group what color they thought she had chosen.

Uploading the photo, she wrote: “I’m in another group and someone asked what color the nail polish was…

“I’m confused because all I see is basic white enamel, [but] I looked at the comments and people say it’s a blue/gray shade?!?”

He added: “I just wanted to see what you guys think to see if I should schedule an eye exam tomorrow morning.”

Not long after it was posted, a fierce debate broke out because it turned out that, just like the other group, no one could agree.

On the one hand, many say they think the shade is light blue, but others say they only see white.

One wrote: “Looks like a high quality white.”

While another agreed: “Turn the brightness on your phone all the way up. It is white.”

However, others noted: “To me, it looks like a white glaze made from a blue or gray base color.”

While another added another nuance to the mix, as he said: “Are we all looking at the same picture? Those nails are definitely painted pink.”

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Others compared the setting to a previously attention-grabbing, color-changing dress.

One said, “Oh no… this script… is back.”

Another joined the conversation, commenting: “Maybe a gold and white vs. black and blue question. Although I also see it as a very light gray leaning slightly towards blue with a subtle red/pink shimmer.”

While social media users came and went arguing among themselves, Internet detectives went a step further.

Determined to prove them right about their color prediction, they set out to find definitive proof.

They located the original image, which was taken in a beauty salon in Russia.

From this, they deciphered that the nails were painted a very light blue tone, which shows one side or point of the argument.

The manicure completely divided the internet


The manicure has completely divided the internetCredit: Getty

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