You are in the top 1 percent if you can spot the dog hiding in this optical illusion vintage photo

IF you can find the hidden dog in this vintage optical illusion image, you’re in the top 1 percent.

Giving people just seven seconds to find the fluffy dog ​​in the illustration, the man said it was an IQ test for those willing to take up the challenge.


You’re in the top 1 percent if you can see the dog hidden in this optical illusionCredit: Tiktok – @meandbruh

“Can you see the dog in this old photo?” TikTok user @meandbruh wrote below the image, before adding: “Only 1% will understand.”

The image itself appears simple from the outside, featuring an airborne deer frolicking in a field.

In the background there are trees and plants that surround the animal. But eagle-eyed observers may spot a dog hiding somewhere.

You think you have what it takes?

Try it yourself! In 3… 2… 1… Let’s go!

Others tried it and while some managed to guess correctly, others were surprised.

“Checking the comments for an answer…” wrote one person.

Another said: “Hahaha I didn’t see it, it’s hard to see,” while a third added: “I would say less than 1% wouldn’t be able to see it.”

Did you manage to locate the dog? He hides right under the deer, runs to his side.

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