You could be in top 1% if you can spot the happy dog hiding in this pile of leaves in less than 30 seconds

YOU could be in the top one percent if you can find the lucky pup perfectly hidden among this pile of leaves.

A playful dog blends seamlessly into its surroundings in this stunning photo, leaving people in awe.


Can you find an awesome place for the dog to hide? Credit: reddit

Somewhere among a pile of autumn leaves in Zurich, Switzerland, is a dog delighted and proud to have picked up his cane.

But due to the color of the fur, it is perfectly camouflaged by the leaves in the city park.

The owner shared the amazing image on Reddit hoping to confuse some users with a riddle.

They challenged people to identify their “lucky guy” in 30 seconds in a hilarious post that sparked a lot of interest online.

But Reddit users were confused by the puppy puzzle because the mascot was incredibly disguised as a mountain of leaves.

One wrote: “It’s Autumn’s Where’s Waldo!”

Another said, “Sir, you’ve posted a bunch of sheets.”

And a third added: “Ok, seriously. Where’s the dog?”

A cute dog can be seen peeking out of a pile of leaves with a stick in its mouth on the left side of the image.

He lined up perfectly with the lantern seen behind him, and can be seen smiling for the camera after winning a game of fetch.

Other eagle-eyed users said they were able to spot the cute canine after a few moments of intense staring.

One said: “I watched this for too long convinced there was no child.

“Then I saw him and oh my gosh that face, it was more than worth it!”

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Another commented: “I swear I can hear the leaves rustling! I found him right away by the way! I think his playfulness made him shine a bit.”

And the third one chimed in: “Oh! I found him. He’s so happy.”

Some even suggested that the adorable shot in the Swiss town would be the perfect piece of the puzzle.

We previously invited readers to check out the camouflaged dog hiding in the woods in this photo.

The daring dog walked among the trees and deftly blended in among them.

Only a few dog lovers have been able to crack this perplexing puzzle.

The playful dog blended perfectly between the pile of leaves in Zurich


A playful dog blended seamlessly into a pile of leaves in ZurichCredit: Reddit

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