You could be the champion if you can spot the four hidden cats in this optical illusion in just 11 seconds

THERE ARE many different types of optical illusions.

Some can change and alter the way you see the world, but others are more like a workout for your brain.


Can you find the hidden cats in this picture? Credit: silver lining

This tricky illusion has viewers scratching their heads because it’s so difficult to pull off.

So do you think you can figure it out?

The illustration shows a group of happy-looking tigers, some of them even dressed up for fun.

But you don’t need to be careful with top hats and bow ties.

There are four cats hiding somewhere in the video. Can you find them all?

You could be the champion if you find them all in 11 seconds, but it’s not easy.

The adorable kitties are hiding among the partying tigers, but they’ve blended in nicely.

Hidden in plain sight, cheeky cats are easy to spot if you know where to look.

So do you need advice?

The four cats lie on the head of a different tiger.

They are also white cats and they all look exactly the same!

Have you found it yet?

If you managed to do it in less than 11 seconds, you are officially a champion.

Why not challenge your friends and family to see if they can beat your record?

How long did it take you to find them all?


How long did it take you to find them all? Credit: silver lining

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