You could have the eyes of a marksman if you can spot the fearsome sniper with you in his sights in ten seconds

A FANTASTIC sniper is lurking somewhere in this picturesque landscape and is taking aim at you.

The archer is perfectly camouflaged in the rural scene. Can you see it in ten seconds?


Can you spot the hidden sniper in this image? Credit: Simon Menner

The stunning image shows a grassy and seemingly peaceful landscape.

It challenges you to find a sniper who has managed to blend in perfectly with his surroundings.

The photo is part of a series taken by artist Simon Menner at military training camps in Latvia and Lithuania.

The photographer spent six years tracking snipers-in-training to capture their uncanny ability to blend in with their surroundings.

He saw them help each other make their own “ghillie suits” using natural elements like leaves and dead grass to match each landscape.

His series of paintings, called Disappearing Act, appear at first glance to be tranquil and sometimes eerie landscapes, from sunny meadows to mist-shrouded mountains.

He told WIRED: “I like this project because you don’t see a key aspect of the photographs.

“In a way, what’s interesting is when the story happens in their heads.

“They’re looking for snipers and they think they’ve found them, but then they start questioning themselves. I find it fascinating.”

If you still can’t spot the secret sniper, focus on the background, on the right side of the image.

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The sniper was perfectly camouflaged.


The sniper was perfectly camouflaged Credit: Simon Menner

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