You could have the eyes of a marksman if you can spot the tiger lurking among this herd of zebras in ten seconds

IF you can spot a tiger lurking among this herd of zebras in just 10 seconds, you might have a sharpshooter’s eye.

An invisible tiger blends seamlessly into its surroundings in this stunning safari image, leaving people in awe.


Can you spot the tiger lurking in this herd of zebras? Credit: Adda Bank

Tigers cleverly camouflage themselves while hunting so that they can pounce on their prey as soon as they find the perfect moment.

And somewhere in the sea of ​​zebras there is a tiger lurking.

The animals, with their distinctive black and white striped fur, can be seen running through the grasslands, presumably trying to escape the tiger.

It is a difficult challenge because the white tiger hides among the zebras, with markings similar to zebras.

See if you can spot the secret tiger in just 10 seconds.

If you need advice, a predator is hiding behind a bush.

Don’t forget that it is similar in color to zebras, which makes the challenge even more difficult.

If you still can’t find the lurking tiger, scroll to the bottom to find the solution.

For those who want to break some more optical illusions, try to find the happy puppy perfectly hidden among this pile of leaves.

We previously challenged readers to spot a camouflaged dog hiding in the woods in this photo.

The daring dog walked among the trees and deftly blended in among them.

Only a few dog lovers have been able to crack this perplexing puzzle.

Did you manage to find the tiger?


Did you manage to find the tiger? Credit: Adda Bank

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