You have 20/20 vision if you can find every hidden bird before they move in this optical illusion in just three seconds

READERS might say they have 20/20 vision if they can spot all the birds in this clever puzzle.

Viewers were challenged to find the animals in three seconds before they flew away.


Can you spot the birds in this fall scene? Credit: TikTok/hardcore_cottagecore

A clip shared by TikToker (@hardcore_cottagecore) shows bunches of leaves in an autumn scene.

Small birds can be seen rummaging around while pecking at leaves in the grass.

Viewers can tell they have the eyes of a hawk if they can see birds among the leaves.

But it’s hard to solve the puzzle because the birds themselves fit into the scene of the fall.

How many birds could you count in three seconds?

If that puzzle was too difficult, why don’t you try to find the love heart among the colorful elephants?

But readers are challenged to find the heart in 15 seconds.

The puzzle created by the popular artist Gergely Dudás is not as easy as it seems because butterflies, flowers and bananas have been added to the painting, making it more complex.

Readers who like challenges should see if they can find the number one hidden among the sea of ​​sevens.

Another clever riddle asks if you can spot a puncture in less than 45 seconds.

And can you spot the “For Sale” sign hidden between the rows of houses?

Viewers who are passionate about personality tests should try to see what they can spot first in this puzzle.

How many were you able to spot in just three seconds?


How many were you able to spot in just three seconds? Credit: TikTok/hardcore_cottagecore

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