You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the deer hiding in this optical illusion in less than 30 seconds

YOU may only have 20/20 vision if you can spot a deer hiding in this optical illusion in less than 30 seconds.

This puzzle has caused a stir on the internet – can you solve it faster than everyone else?


If you can solve this optical illusion in less than 30 seconds, you may have perfect vision Credit: Caters News Agency

We promise, the deer is hidden in this rock formation, you’ll just have to look carefully.

But viewers were taken aback as they scanned the image for the animal.

Fast viewers who spotted a deer within 20 seconds could claim to have predator vision.

The image was shared on TikTok and hundreds of users tried it while reacting in the comments.

“All the peasants can see that. We just have this special eye for certain things,” one person wrote.

Another person wrote: “Okay, not gonna lie, it took me a minute to find it.”

A third wrote: “Once you see it, you can’t undo it.”

While the celebrated fourth exclaimed, “Guys, I found him! It’s there.”

If you’ve already given up, we’ve put a solved image here.

Pay attention to the center top of the picture and take a closer look.

There you will find the elusive deer.

But wait, there’s another deer – look to the left of the picture and you’ll see another deer stomping through the branches

If you’re looking for another challenge, try to find the penguin hiding among the toucans in ten seconds in this optical illusion.

There are a few noticeable differences between the toucans – some wear colorful scarves, ties, hats and other accessories, but it could prove harder to find a penguin.

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The puzzle was designed by Hungarian artist Gergely Dudas – also known as Dudolf, who you can find on his Facebook page.

His artwork challenges viewers to look closely at the image to find something that doesn’t belong there.

If you like optical illusions and penguins, America’s The Sun has shared another tricky picture that will test your eyesight.

The deer is circled in yellow - have you found it?


The deer is circled in yellow – have you found it? Credit: Caters news agencySurprise, there is another deer in the photo


Surprise, another deer is also in the photoCredit: Caters News Agency

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