You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the perfectly camouflaged lizard in just 10 seconds

YOU might have a perfect view if you can see the camouflaged lizard in this photo.

The challenge is made even more difficult as you only have 10 seconds to spot the pesky creature. You can do it?


A lizard is not easy to spot among the leaves Credit: TikTok/@mr.watermeloneeee

The photo appears to show a large green plant, but hidden among the bushy leaves is a lizard.

Some claimed it was too easy, but others fought back.

Are you ready to try a difficult optical illusion?

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Time is up! Did you see the lizard in less than ten seconds?

Don’t worry, because we’ve rounded up the answer below.

Look between the leaves. Do you see the lizard sitting in the center of the photo?

Did you find the lizard in time?


Did you find the lizard in time? Credit: TikTok/@mr.watermeloneeee

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