You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the word hidden in this illusion in under 10 seconds

A TikToker shared an amazing optical illusion that reveals how good your eyesight is.

He challenged viewers to decipher the image, which he says only 1 percent of people can successfully do.


HecticNick challenged viewers to this optical illusion that determines how good your eyesight is Credit: TikTok/ hecticnick

“Can you read this on the first try?” he asks.

If you can’t, he offers advice. “Try closing your eyes about 90% and you might be able to read.”

The clip has more than 30,000 comments from viewers who were up for the challenge.

“I didn’t see anything, my eyes are bad,” one person cheekily wrote.

Another said: “I’m sorry I have bad eyes, I can’t see it.”

However, many others could see that the illusion read, “BAD EYES.”

“I didn’t close 90 percent of my eyes, but I still read,” someone said.

Another person wrote: “I read it without a problem.”

Others shared their own tips on how they broke the illusion.

“I figured it out in two seconds. close one eye and look at him with the other.” one person suggested.

“Or turn the phone a bit to the right,” someone else said.

HecticNick has nearly 4 million followers on the app where he posts illusions, puzzles and fun facts.

Optical illusions have been reported to reveal things about people.

What you see in this nature scene is said to reveal whether you are an empath or a powerful loner.

If you ever wonder what your greatest relationship weakness is, try looking at this picture.

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