You have 20/20 vision if you can spot two tiny differences in these pictures in less than 10 seconds

READERS can say they have 20/20 vision if they can spot the tools in a fiendishly challenging puzzle.

Players race to find the hidden objects in this cryptic puzzle in less than 10 seconds.


Can you find the tools hidden among the cleaning products? Credit: Hammonds

Created by Hammonds Fitted Furniture, the image shows a variety of items including bleach, an iron, pairs of rubber gloves and baskets.

Sponges, dusters, bars of soap, and putty knives add to the busy tableau.

But hidden in the image are two items you probably wouldn’t associate with cleanliness.

Can you see the screwdriver and hammer?

Those fighting should look at the bottom of the image where they should be able to see the screwdriver.

A large feather duster should attract attention; you should be able to see the hammer from there.

Only one in five people are supposed to be able to solve the puzzle in less than 40 seconds, but why not see if you can find the items in just 10 seconds?

If that puzzle was too easy, see if you can find the two missing dogs in this park scene.

Readers were also challenged to see if they could find six hidden words in less than 15 seconds in this farm scene.

Viewers can tell they’re hawk-eyed if they can spot 10 farm animals in this busy picture.

But readers are in a race against time, as they must spot all the creatures in less than 60 seconds.

Can you find the remote control cleverly hidden among furniture and home decor?

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Were you able to find the tool in 10 seconds?


Were you able to find the tool in 10 seconds? Credit: Hammonds

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