You have an eagle’s eyes if you can spot the snow leopard hiding in the mountains

YOU can have a perfect view if you can spot a snow leopard hiding in the mountains.

The big cat has almost completely blended into the rocky bottom. You can see it?


The big cat is hidden in the mountain. You can see it? Credit: BOBBY-JO VIAL / CATERS NEWS

The stunning image was captured by Australian wildlife photographer Bobby-Jo Vial, who was on a photo safari in Kibber National Park, India.

The photographer spent three days tracking the leopard, taking a series of photos along the way.

Snow leopards are known for adapting to the snowy conditions they live in, and Boby-Jo was able to capture just how well they can hide.

The impudent snow leopard has perfectly camouflaged himself in the mountains.

A confusing image shared on Reddit had users scrambling to spot the animal.

One said: “The leopards are not colored like that for decoration; it’s literal camouflage.”

Another said: “I can’t overstate how absolutely intentional this camouflage is.

“Like tens of thousands of years in the making of some kind of camouflage.”

Someone said: “I was looking there earlier and I saw weeds/brush, but no cats!”

Another wrote: “This leopard is literally the close button on game ads.”

Many struggled to find the snow leopard


Many struggled to find the snow leopard Credit: Bobby-Jo

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