You have eyes like a hawk if you can tell what’s wrong with these clock photos

CAN you see the flaw in these seemingly ordinary images?

They both have something slightly off about them that only the most focused eyes will notice.


Can you spot what’s wrong?The clock is ticking...


The clock is ticking…

You may first notice a problem with the clock hands.

One floats randomly without any connection to the center.

And the other shows the second hand under the screen part, which is not quite right.

Can you find out why?

Well, it turns out that the images are generated by AI.

AI has made great strides of late with terrifyingly accurate images that are generated instantly.

But they still have a long way to go and a struggle with finer details like the ones in the images above.

In other examples, people have noted that things like hands and teeth frequently fail as well.

Both were generated using Stable Diffusion, a free AI image generator that anyone can use to create an image by simply typing whatever they want.

The technology then creates a series of images for you.

See if you can spot the problems in this other awesome pie image too.

AI has also been used to create creepy “AI selfies” of historical figures, including Jesus.

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