You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the cat hidden in the kitchen

WHEN you’re making dinner, the last thing you expect to find is a hiding cat.

The TikToker shared a photo of her cat, camouflaged on the kitchen counter.


TikTok user AngelsMama16 challenged her followers to find her pet cat in a photo of her kitchen

TikTok user Lou, known to her followers as AngelsMama16, shared a photo of her kitchen where the cat found an interesting place to rest.

The image shows a messy kitchen counter and upper cabinets.

Lou challenged viewers to try to locate the sneaky cat hiding among the counter.

If you’ve scanned the dishes and kitchen appliances and still can’t find the hidden cat, Lou’s responses in the comments section may provide some clues.

He hid there. I got into a fight when I was making dinner, she told onlookers.

She also informed her followers: “He finds the strangest places to sit.”

If you’re still squinting, look over the microwave to the right of the counter.

You can almost see the pet perched on top of the kitchen appliance.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share how long it took them to track down the secret cat.

“I found it, it took me about 5 minutes,” said one viewer.

Another follower commented: “Got it, well and truly hidden.”

“My God, how did he come to sit there?” asked a third person.

A hidden cat can be seen peeking out of the microwave.


A hidden cat can be seen peeking above the microwave Credit: TikTok

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