You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the four crabs in this mind bending optical illusion

You DO have the eyes of a hawk if you can see all four crabs in this mesmerizing optical illusion.

Online users were delighted with the latest puzzle by Hungarian artist Gergely Dudas.


The latest crab-style creation by Hungarian artist Gergely Dudas Credit: thedudolf

A clawed visual puzzle shows a multitude of underwater animals sitting on a beach.

Users are asked not to strain the mussel while looking for four red crabs well hidden among lobsters of the same color.

Look a little closer and you’ll find a hidden spot scattered throughout the image.

Two are located at the top left and top right, and two more can be seen in the center and bottom of the image.

It comes when the bingo company, PlayOJO, has created an airport-themed brain teaser for you to test your eyesight and patience.

The bustling scene at the airport is full of people trying to leave the country and return to their homes.

But there’s one person who should already be on the plane, but isn’t.

That could be a tall order with hundreds of people waiting to make the trip again.

But if you can find it in less than a minute, you could be in the top 24%.

British ceramics company, Portmeirion, have created a picnic-themed puzzle for you to test your seek-and-find skills.

On a traditional gingham blanket, you’ll find an assortment of picnic must-haves, including baskets, burgers, bread, fruit, cheese, and plates.

But there is an article that does not go with the others.

If you saw all four, then you have the eyes of a hawk.


If you saw all four then you have the eyes of a hawk Credit: thedudolf

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