You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the hidden jaguar in this optical illusion in just six seconds

You’ll need the eyes of a hunter to spot the big cat hiding in this scene in six seconds.

It shows a family of tigers lounging in the shade of a bush, but somewhere a jaguar lurks.


Can you see the lurking jaguar? Credit: silver lining

It might be hard to watch, but you’ll kick yourself when you finally do.

Optical illusion challenge was created to test your perception skills.

You have only six seconds to find the hidden jaguar.

The challenge had people on the internet scratching their heads.

The cat’s clever camouflage makes it almost unnoticed.

For a clue, consider how jaguars blend in with their surroundings.

They are jungle hunters, and their spotted fur helps them stay hidden as they stalk their prey.

Tigers also live in jungles, but they often hunt in tall grass.

Their vertical stripes make them hard to see as they sneak up on an ambush.

Keep scrolling to find the answer below.

Yesterday we challenged you to spot a cunning snow leopard on a rocky slope.

It is more difficult than you think, because the color helps to blend perfectly with the mountain.

The second puzzle asks you to find a strange word in five seconds.

And earlier this week, you discovered the mischievous animal in a zoo-themed optical illusion.

Have you seen a spotted jaguar among striped tigers?


Have you seen a spotted jaguar among striped tigers? Credit: silver lining

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