You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the odd ice-cream scoop in less than five seconds

IF you stay cool and calm, you may be able to spot a strange scoop of ice cream in seconds.

The puzzles test your eyesight trying to find the fake prize faster than everyone else.


Can you see the unusual scoop of ice cream in five seconds? Credit: Bright Side

The puzzle shows 15 scoops of pink ice cream on a purple background.

But while 14 of them are identical, one is different.

The puzzlers were challenged to find an unusual ball in five seconds.

But some may find it hard to focus as the sweets begin to mix into one.

Others will be able to spot the unusual in seconds, proving they have the eyes of a hawk.

If you can’t find another scoop, try looking at each scoop one by one.

And if you still can’t spot the thief, look at the bottom row.

Or scroll to the bottom to see the answer.

In another riddle, a dog sits almost hidden from view, and puzzle lovers are left baffled as they try to spot it.

Meanwhile, the riddles were challenged to find a small finch in a rock-strewn patch of ground.

Yolanda Bogert, 42, shared a photo of the George finch on social media, baffling hundreds of users who were confused about its location.

For more cryptic puzzles, this brain teaser challenges you to find the mistake in the picture.

Another challenge to find the fake word hidden in this optical illusion in five seconds.

Can you also find the correct spelled word in this optical illusion?

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And this photo shows a camouflaged snow leopard hiding in plain sight. You can see it?

The thief's ice cream can be found in the bottom row.


Thief’s ice cream can be found on the bottom row Credits: Great.

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