You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the owl hiding in the forest

MANY owls are known for their ability to hide in wooded environments, and one owl wowed the audience with an optical illusion.

If you can see an owl hiding in plain sight in the woods in this optical illusion, then you may have the eyes of a hawk.


A 30-inch-tall gray owl enchants audiences with an optical illusionCredit:

Different species of owls live in different places, such as forested areas, tropical jungles, grassy plains, and deserts.

A photographer captured an image of a great gray owl camouflaged by the bark of a tree.

Since then, the photo has confused the public who have trouble spotting the owl at first glance.

The hilarious photos were taken in the Thompson-Nicola region of British Columbia, Canada, by small business owner Chi Kit Leong of Macau, China.

A great gray owl can become invisible simply by turning its glowing eyes away from the camera lens.

This defense mechanism came in handy when the photographer was taking happy pictures.

In one photo, a bird perches on a branch next to a tree and looks directly into the camera.

Although quite striking, it is not a photo that causes confusion.

In another photo taken by Leong, the owl was hidden in plain sight.

At first glance, the bird is not visible, but the more you look at the photo, it may become clearer.

So much so that you may have to step away from the screen to get a real analysis of the image.

Can you spot the owl hiding in the forest in this optical illusion?

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The owl's feathers matched the color of the wood perfectly.


The owl’s feathers match the color of the tree perfectlyCredit:

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