You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot what’s unusual about this tree in less than 30 seconds

You DO have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the unusualness of this London tree.

If you were to look at the photo, you would think that it is just a shot of a leafy tree on a winter night.


Photos of what appears to be a leafy green London tree have emergedCredit: SWNSBut what are leaves are actually parrots


But what these leaves are actually are parrots Credit: SWNS

The leaves appear to have fallen from the lower parts of the tree, but the green leaves remain strong on most.

Then, upon further inspection, you’ll realize that what you thought were brightly colored leaves are actually parrots.

The photos of the bright green birds were taken last night after parrots swarmed in the trees above the BP garage in south London.

Both chestnut trees put leaves in winter, but yesterday you would not have thought of that.

But once you realize that the leaves are actually a ring-necked parrot, you can’t help but see them.

The bright green birds gathered at a location above a petrol station and tube station near Mitcham Common on Mitcham Road.

There are many optical illusions floating around the internet.

Recently, a photo of a tree appeared on the Internet that promised that something furry was hiding among the leaves.

A four-letter word hidden in an image recently appeared in a TikTok video.

Another TikTok clip shows people happily kayaking in the ocean, but there’s a predator hiding in the water.

And another of the four animals that laughed at the four images of nature appeared.

Ring-necked parrots swarmed in a tree in London last night


Ring-necked parrots swarmed in a tree in London last nightCredit: SWNS

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