You have the eyes of an eagle if you can see the straight lines in optical illusion – squint until your head hurts

THIS optical illusion is so difficult that anyone who can figure it out must have eagle eyes.

Cognitive psychologist Dr. Gavin Buckingham recently published an optical illusion on Twitter delighting people everywhere.


These sloping rows are actually perfectly horizontal according to cognitive psychologist Dr. Gavin Buckingham Credit: TWITTER/@DrGBuckingham

Buckingham wrote a caption along with an accompanying image of the illusion, explaining what was supposed to be seen and where it came from.

“The horizontal lines are actually parallel and not sloping at all. Look at the distance between them at the start and end of each row if you don’t believe me. A beautiful take on the cafe wall illusion, Victoria Skye,” he says . .

For reference, Victoria Skye’s painting includes a detailed pattern with horizontal lines that appear angled at first glance.

However, if you have vision that allows you to do this, by squinting and looking at the beginning and end of each line, as Buckingham says, you will find that the lines are horizontal.

For those who had trouble with that, Buckingham explained that high contrast is needed to see the illusion correctly.

“This effect is driven by small, high-contrast areas in the corner of each ‘square.’ If you can’t see the contrast clearly, there is no effect,” he explained.

Public in the comments were amazed by the simplicity and effect of the optical illusion.

They too include your own variations in the following answers to test others.

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