You need 20/20 vision to spot the deadly puma hiding in this rocky scene in less than five seconds

CAN you spot the deadly predator lurking in this rocky landscape?

Fans of optical illusions were left scratching their heads trying to spot a cougar stalking its prey among the rocks in this wintry scene.


Can you spot the hidden cougar in this image? Credits: hw photo and safaris / Animal News AgencyThe big cat is well camouflaged on the rocks of Patagonia in Chile


A big cat is well camouflaged on the rocks in Patagonia, Chile Credit: hw photos and safari / Animal News Agency

A wildlife photographer has devised a “cougar spotting” challenge to test the ability of tour guides to spot camouflaged big cats in the wild.

Snapper Greg Harvey, 51, had a hard time spotting the elusive pumas blending seamlessly into their surroundings, but was impressed to find that guides were often able to spot them.

So he put together a series of fiendishly difficult images with three levels, Easy, Medium, and Hard, to test how eagle-like they really are.

This optical illusion shows how well a creature can blend into a photograph taken in the wild Patagonian region of Chile.

In another real life image, can you see this foxy cat sleeping on this pile of logs?

Or, sticking with the animal theme, can you spot all three differences between these bumblebee pictures in less than 10 seconds?

This stunning out of this world optical illusion is not all it seems, can you figure out what you’re looking at?

If you prefer a puzzle with more words, can you find the correctly spelled CRISP in a sea of ​​CIRSPs?

Couldn’t find it in time?

Why not try to spot these two perfectly camouflaged deer in these rocky cliff scenes?

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You could have some really impressive vision if you could spot animals in two images in less than five seconds.

Or try this sinister optical illusion that could reveal something about your personality.

It blends well from a distance.


It is well camouflaged from a distance Credit: hw photo and safari / Animal News Agency

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