You need a calm mind to find the hidden engagement ring among the watches in this optical illusion in five seconds

PUZZLE lovers won heads trying to find the engagement ring hidden among the clocks in less than five seconds.

The simple sound challenge proved quite slow for those struggling to spot the ring in the optical illusion.


Can you spot the hidden ring in this image? Credits: Jagran Josh

Brain teasers are a great way to get your gears turning and test your powers of observation.

They can also help improve cognitive functioning and the ability to learn.

To solve this in less than five seconds, you will need to concentrate very hard.

The pictures show rows and rows of clocks of various sizes.

But somewhere hidden inside the watches is a ring.

If you find it difficult, try taking a closer look at the lower left corner of the images.

And if you’re still confused, scroll to the bottom to find the answer.

But if you easily saw the ring, why not try to find the fake letter in this optical illusion?

Or if you want to show that you have a balanced mind, try spotting the differences in these five second pictures.

Why not show that you have a superior IQ by filling in this point of difference?

In this similar challenge, puzzlers can try to find the three differences between these bumblebee images in less than ten seconds.

The ring is located in the lower left corner of the cerebellum.


The ring can be found in the lower left corner of the puzzle Credits: Jagran Josh

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