You need a high IQ to count all the triangles in this mind-boggling brainteaser – it can take SIX minutes to find them

READERS were challenged to count all the hidden triangles in this clever puzzle.

Eyes roll as players scramble to count all the shapes they can see in six minutes.


How many triangles can you see in this puzzle? Credit: Rainbow Riches Casino

The designers of Rainbow Riches Casino posted an image showing a triangle on a green background.

There is a big triangle, but there are more than two dozen shapes hidden in it.

Struggling readers should focus on the largest triangles they can see before looking for the smallest ones.

There are 24 triangles in all, some are huge while others are small.

How many triangles did you manage to find? Did you find them all before the six minutes were up?

Maybe you could say you have a high IQ if you could find all the triangles.

Find the solution at the end of the article if you missed a triangle.

If that was too easy, can you find the hidden number in the red square?

See if you can spot the hidden brush in this image of a sleeping cheetah in less than 10 seconds.

Onlookers can tell that they have hawk eyes if they see a cat among the plants.

Can you beat the clock by spotting the three differences in these two cartoons in less than 10 seconds?

Did you find all 24 in six minutes?


Did you find all 24 in six minutes? Credit: Rainbow Riches Casino

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