You need to have 20/20 vision to spot the nibbled piece of cake in under a minute – only one in five can

You need keen eyesight to spot the bitten piece of cake in this chaotic image in less than a minute.

This optical illusion went viral online and left most puzzlers baffled; reportedly only one in five passed the test.


Find a bitten piece of cake in this optical illusionCredit: Jackpotjoy

Viewers are faced with a scene packed with birthday decorations including cakes, candles, cards, balloons, and more.

But hidden among the holiday clutter is a bite-sized piece of cake.

Your task is to find it, and you have 60 seconds.

See the bitten piece of cake?

If not, don’t worry, the answer is circled in the image below.

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The place where the bitten piece of cake is located is in a black circle


Circled in black is where the nibbled piece of cake is located Credit: Jackpotjoy

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