You need to have a high IQ to spot the three hidden faces in this optical illusion in less than ten seconds

DO YOU THINK you are smart enough to handle this tricky optical illusion?

Puzzle fans will need a high IQ to spot the three hidden faces in this stunning image in less than ten seconds.


Can you see the three hidden hidden faces in this optical illusion? Credit: fresherslive

The illustration shows three young women holding hands while standing in front of a bridge.

The cheerful trio appear to be walking in unison as a row of houses and windmills can be seen in the background.

But it turns out that their boyfriends have found a secret hideout to follow them while they enjoy their girls’ day.

The optical illusion is known as “Girls’ Hidden Boys” because the faces of their enamored boyfriends are hidden among the scenery.

But these guys seem to be experts at camouflage because they’re incredibly hard to spot.

Can you find them in less than ten seconds?

Don’t worry if you haven’t because we’ve rounded up the answers below.

But if you look closely, you might be able to make out the faces of three men lurking behind the women.

One can be seen keeping a close eye on his girlfriend in the tree on the left.

While the other two appear to have joined forces as they both sneak through the vegetation to the right near the windmills.

Even the most experienced illusionists struggled to master this difficult puzzle.

But if you prefer the latter, why not test your eyesight and see if you can spot an expertly camouflaged giant artillery cannon in the woods?

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Or challenge yourself trying to find a pair of skates in this messy garden full of different colored toys.

And only quick-thinking readers managed to beat this illusion, which forces you to quickly spot two hidden tigers.

Her three boyfriends lurked in the background.


Her three boyfriends lurked in the backgroundCredit: Fresherslive

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